ONFC Chapter 18 (Edited & Revised)

Hello! Fraiziar here. Pengu accidentally posted the unedited version of chapter 18, so I’m posting the edited version here. Manga Hunter wasn’t able to edit this one, so I did instead. This is my first time editing so please inform me of any mistakes.

Tetra is best girl.


TL: Pengu

ED: Fraiziar

Protagonist’s group
CH Name Gender Role Identify Age
Ch3 アルムス Almis male Captain Lost person ~15
Ch4 ロン Ron male N/A Oldest 16
Ch4 ロズワード Roswald male N/A High-handed 14
Ch4 テトラ Tetra female Vice Captain Smart, quiet 14
Ch4 グラム Gram male N/A Timid, petite, good with bow 14
Ch4 ソヨン Soyon female N/A Ron’s chilehood friend 16
Ch 9 ユリア Julia female Almis’s magic teacher (temp) Lavander hair 16


Chapter 18: Negotiation


“Fufu, Almis just the two of us,……..”  


“Don’t stick so close.”

Tetra and I came to a city state of Karishian, the colonial city Lezat of Claris


In short, strike the iron while it is hot.


The things we brought include:

Food, earthenware and salt as a substitute for currency,


the letter of introduction which I got from King Rosaith as present for the honey,


and an iron sword for self-defense.


As I only come to meet influential person of Karishian, I did not bring anything fantastic.


I should be able to make various purchase with deferred payment.


If I can’t, then I will bring a large number of people to carry the pottery over.


I want trade goods that are lighter.


“Nevertheless, I wonder why they have their own unique alphabet? It is troublesome.”


I look at the message written in Karisha word on the narrow strip of wood.


Befor I can learn the Karisha language, I first have to learn their alphabet. It is too troublesome.


Though the numbers are easy, I must earnestly learn in order to understand sentences.


Even though I was able to master this region’s language  with much effort, now I have to learn Karisha’s language.


“Then, why don’t Almis make an alphabet? (ED: For their region’s language, I think?)”


“It is a good idea. Should I make one if I have the opportunity?…..Not, I’m joking.”


It is should be faster to learn Karishian language (alphabet)  than to make a new one.




“That’s remind me. Though we are talking about this region, does it not have a name?”


“This place name is called Adernia peninsula for the time being.”


“How does the Karishian see us?”


“As barbarians who talk in a weird barbaric language. Otherwise as the peninsula people, and complete savages.”


Well, we are barbaric when seen from the perspective of those who have advanced culture.  


“By the the, may I ask you another question?” (pengu: you just did-lol )


“What is it?”


“I expected to see something like currency here. Is there such a thing?”


If i am not mistaken, I remember that we had such conversation.


When was it?………..


That’s it, it was after the time when I met the children.


If I recall, Ron asked me “What is money?“


“Only an extreme few know of money.”


“I see.”


So only the rich have currency, huh.


It’s on the level where there were several chikusenjoirei introduced in Japan, The average farmer doesn’t really know of it huh? (Osura: The chikusenjoirei (蓄銭叙位令)was a law that was passed in the October of 711 in order to accelerate the circulation of the zeni (1/100 of a yen)  and measure the amount of money returning to the government.)


We arrived at the port while having such a conversation.


I seem to have walked considerably before I realized.


“This is the sea……”


“Is it your first time?”


Tetra nodded.


I smelled the salt, it is slightly different from Japan’s sea.


“That is quite a big ship.”


Some ships were docked at the port.


The full length is around 30 meters, so it’s considerably high class considering the cultural level of this world.


“I have heard that Karishian people have superior sailing technology.”


And so, they build a colony cities at far off locations for the purposes of trade.

Naturally, Our technology cannot compare to theirs.


“Now then, where is Einzo who sells livestock?”


Because I couldn’t make an appointment, I need to look for him.


“Let’s look for it at once.”


“Let check the value of pottery and honey commodity before that……. You might likely be deceived.”


That’s a good idea.


Anyway, other party might think this side is savage.  


That is enough possibility to be deceive.  


We show the pottery to a Karishian merchant who specialized in selling ceramics.


There are similar earthenware similar to ours on his open mat.


Its quality looks almost the same.


“How is it?”


“……..Well. If you’re going to sell them at Karisha, they’ll buy it for 30 blue coppers. If you sell them around here, then… 30 didals (500 grams) of salt.”


By the way, from what the merchant said, 100 blue coins worth one silver coin. I hear that ten silver coins worth one gold coin.


Salt is around one silver coin per kilo.


In other words, I can sell about 1.6 times the Karisha’s price when I sell in this region. It is a very good deal.


In addition, based on the Karisha prices, I would have enough to live for one month if I had one silver coin.


Although it depends on what you count as ‘enough’, but one silver should be around 10,000 Japanese yen (~$100).


“Did you make it? Who did you learn how to make it from?”


“I thought of it myself.”


When I said so, the merchant eyes widened.


“That is amazing. If possible, please don’t spread it too much.”


“I don’t want to do such foolish thing as teach people free of charge since we wouldn’t make profit either.”


It is an important card of ours.


“Another thing, How much does the honey go for? I want to buy it as a souvenir.”


“Give up on that. It is not something that you can buy as souvenir. It is roughly three gold coin for a container like this.”


The man held a pot in his hand and said so.


Isn’t it terribly expensive? Splendid.


I decided honey will be our main trade good.


“Incidentally, what does everybody getting?”


I sold the pots but the trading wasn’t over..


One sells to get money that can be used to buy items that will be sold in other locations.


That repetition is what trade is.


When a ship returns home, it’s important for it to have spent all it’s money.


Naturally, they are purchasing goods from this region……..


I don’t have any idea what though.


Since grain harvest is bad recently, it probably not that.


I mean in the first place this region is unsuitable for cultivating wheat.


There aren’t minerals like iron either.


There aren’t literature or art goods either.


“Right, Salt is the typical export. One can get good quality rock salt around here, and the salt demand is high because Karisha has high population.”


Salt is the main product here?


I didn’t know that.


I might have found some by accident if I had looked for it in the forest.


Should I look for it?


“Well after all, we trade slaves as well”


As expected, it happens after all.


Wars don’t stop because small countries divide this region.


So slaves will be available cheaply in large quantities.


“Thank you for everything.”


“Oh. Well then.”


He said so and held out his hand.


Is he charging for information?


I divide and and put the salt in a small sack and put on the mans hand.





“Then, is this where Einzo is?”


We stand in front of a very splendid building.


The house is a bit small but it doesn’t look inferior to king Rosaith’s castle.  


The building is made of stone and seems stronger than the wooden castle of King Rosaith.




I knock the door and sound the bell.


A brown skinned man came out after a few minutes.


There is a collar attack to his neck.


“What is your bussiness?”


“I want to talk business with Enzio.”


“Unfortunately, My master is busy……”


“Then, please show this to him.”


I hand the wood strip that I got from King Rosaith.


The man receives the message wood strip with dubious face and disappears in the building.


He came back in a few minutes.


“Please come in.”


As expected of the introduction letter from King Rosaith.


Despite being a small country there is still a decent influence.


Julia has a large amount of salt, and surprisingly King Rosaith’s country might able to produce more salt.


“Hello, I am Enzio. You are?”


The young man who appeared before me said so in Karishianlanguage.


He sure is young. Because I heard that he is an important merchant,  I thought that he would be more old man like.


“I’m Almis. This is Tetra.”


“My best regards.”


I return it in Karisha language.


Tetra can speak Karisha language perfectly in the beginning, but I can speak thanks to [Language Protection].


Moreover, Tetra’s mother seems to be from Karisha.


It is enviable that she is bilingual.


Einzo was surprised that we spoke back with fluent Karishian.


“You are skilled.”


“Ahaha, well just this much.”


It’s divine protection power~ like I would say that.


“Are you here to purchase livestock?”


“Yes. I heard I can come here since you deal them.”


Einzo appraised me after I promptly answer.


Probably because I am 15 years old.  Such a guy brought a letter of introduction from the king of a small country. That probably is a matter of concern.


“Excuse me for my rudeness but……what’s your position on the other side?”


“Oh yeah…….what should I express it? Well, the king didn’t formally appoint us, yet.”


Frankly, we are something like an independent state.


Territory, citizen, sovereignty. They are all exiles.


“I see…”


Einzo shows a thoughtful expression.


If possible, I want to make a magnificent misunderstand.


“Cows are three gold coins each, horses are four gold coins each. You have to pay more if you pay with goods.”


“I see. In fact, I didn’t prepare money this time……..I only came to check the prices. Can I revisit in two weeks?”


“I don’t mind. Incidentally, how much are you going to purchase?”


“Let’s see. I would like one horse and two cows.”  


In other words, ten gold coins.


Three honey containers are necessary. (TL: erm… isnt 3 honey containers 9 gold? And didn’t he say that paying in goods will cost more?)


That’s just barely within our budget..  


After all, it is hard to secure that amount of honey.


It maybe necessary to make a different product.


“Understood. I’ll prepare it. Then, I’ll see you in two weeks.”


I obtained new work force this way.


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  1. he probably want to sell the honey then buy the livestock. btw i always read it as ezio XD.
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  5. Thanks for the chapter.

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    So if the MC’s container is bigger by a third compared to the merchant’ container then the worth of the MC’s container filled with honey would be 4 gold coins.
    And with that the 3 containers the MC mentioned would be worth 3 * 4 = 12 gold coins.

    As such even the statement about having to pay more if paying with goods would also be met by paying 12 gold coins worth in goods instead of directlypaying 10 gold coins.


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