ONFC chapter 17

Hahaha, Almis already got hen pecked from Tetra.


TL: Pengu

ED: Manga Hunter


Protagonist’s group
CH Name Gender Role Identify Age
Ch3 アルムス Almis male Captain Lost person ~15
Ch4 ロン Ron male N/A Oldest ~16
Ch4 ロズワード Roswald male N/A High-handed ~15
Ch4 テトラ Tetra female Vice Captain Smart, quite 14
Ch4 グラム Gram male N/A Timid, petite, good with bow 14
Ch4 ソヨン Soyon female N/A Ron’s chilehood friend 16
Ch 9 ユリア Julia female Almis’s magic teacher (temp) Lavander hair 16



Chapter 17: Meeting


“I’m Julia’s father.”


…….Isn’t this development a little too rapid?

The man in front of me lieing on the bed. Rosaith King.

Julia on the side has a pleasant smile on her face.

I heard.

I imagined her to be a daughter of a powerful clan that aides the Rosaith King.

She couldn’t be the daughter of Rosaith King………….


“My daughter has been indebted to you.”

“No way, it’s not like that. Ah, this is honey.”


Honey is used as medicine in the ancient world. It is surely the same here.

I thought it has good reputation, so I intended to give it to a sick person……Indeed I will hand it to this person.


“By the way…….I don’t know you at all. I know you only after I asked Julia about it, last night. Therefore would you tell me.”

“Did Julia say nothing?”

“Oh. She has no tact. She didn’t talk about earthenware either. Well, I inquired about it because I personally want that earthenware…….I gradually want to meet the creator.”


I see.

The reason why Julia was able to slip out isn’t because the look out was incapable, but is because of this person acquiescing?



“Then I will speak.”


Of course, I don’t want to teach everything that could be inconvenient.  



“I see. I understand it well. Incidentally. Don’t you intend to belong to our country?”

“I’m thankful for the offer, but I have to decline.”

“As for the reason?”


I say the reason I thought beforehand.


“It’s because you are sick. When we are attacked by King Domorgal, can you protect us? Yourself is sick, in addition, you can’t even deal with King Ferme.  I think that it’s premature to clarify a position.”

“Indeed. That’s right. Then, is it a trade?”


Is that a main subject?

Well, he probably heard from Julia that I dislike a position.


“There is no problem. Is it earthenware that you want?”

“Yeah. It is so. What exchange will be good?”

“I want domestic animals. Chickens, cows, goats, and pigs. If possible I also want horses.”

“Is it domestic animals?……We can’t let go of livestock in such a hurry. In addition, cows and horse have difficulty breeding. They are the only thing which I imported from foreign countries. It isn’t possible to raise in our country. Isn’t there something else you desire?”

“Then, slaves.”


The current workforce is insufficient for us.

If there are several male adult slaves then work can becomes easier.

I may feel sorry for the slave, but there are slaves ordinarily in this region. They seem to be easy to control because there is a curse.


“I understand. How about one slave for every 10 earthenware?”

“I don’t mind.”


The slave is quite cheap. However, is it such a thing?

By the way, is there purpose beside workforce when buying a slave?

A slave is not a slave from the beginning.  They were assigned a proper occupation in the old times.

For example,  a grape farmer family.

I don’t know how to raise grapes. It seems to be difficult.

I’m lucky if I can obtain a person with technique to raise grapes.

Besides, is there a carpenter?


“I still want to exchange with her highness Julia from now on.”

“……..It is dangerous. Julia is my only daughter. I can’t say so.”

“Nee, Father. Wasn’t I safe with Almis for 4 years? It’s alright.”


I bet on Julia’s persuasion.


“There is no helping it. I’ll let you do it if you said that much. However! Almis, never dare to injure my daughter. You understand if you injure her right?……….”

“Understood. I know that she has some degree of social position.”


I probably don’t have the heart to injure her.

Body….. more specifically, it will be the hymen.

Even I understand it that much.

However, I’m glad.

I have to employ a person to teach magic if Julia disappears.

Ah, isn’t having acquaintance with Julia only for her to teach magic?

But in the worst case scenario, if I were to head to her place I could at least talk.

The number one damage is black art.


“By the way, do you have a wife?”

“There isn’t one…….”

“Shall I introduce one? What is your favorite type?”


What is? Suddenly.

Is it that? They are trying to strengthen our relation.

They said that they will attach a relative or a powerful family’s daughter to me. Are they going to steal the techniques if things go well?

They think it is that easy?

I mean Tetra is scary. I’ll be killed. (Pengu: BUSU*whipped.)

But, how do I decline it?……….

That’s it!!!


“Is it Julia? Are you giving her to me?”

“That’s impossible.”


King Rosaith snorted.

He cut it skillfully somehow.

I hardened in an instant when I saw Julia make a deep red face.

Hey, don’t make that face while I am being serious here.

What would you do if you murdered King Rosaith? (pengu he means giving her father a heart attack)


“Oi, no way……..”


See, I am being glared at.

How are you going to clear this?


“Are you serious?”

“Now, how about it?”


I said jokingly.

It is consideration to Julia to not refuse flatly, because the truth is relative.


“You are a sly fox. Are you really 15?”

“In fact, I exceed 20 years old.”

“Don’t tell lies. Besides, in either case did you not change into this young thing?”


Well certainly.

I notice now that I’m not tense any more.

Is it because of the strong recognition from Julia’s father instead of a king? Or to say that I’m the strong type?………..


“By the way, your village seems to be near King Ferme.”

“Yes. It is so.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to co-operate?” 


The troublesome talk has come.

In brief, it is an alliance.

The risk of involving in a war increases if I accept the offer.

I must defend myself if I decline it.

It is a very common problem even in the present age.


“……..Is it alright if I think about it? We have very little number of people. Therefore, I can’t go to war so easily. Please understand it.”


If this nation has considerable strength, it’s still good.

But are there only approximately 30 people that can fight?

Fortunately, we have technology. It is valuable in a negotiation to some extent.

We must avoid war as much as possible.

If King Rosaith’s country is smaller than King Ferme’s country, I accept it with pleasure.

However, King Rosaith’s country is bigger than King Ferme’s country.

Therefore it isn’t king Ferme who will start it, but King Rosaith that will start.

Mutual defense is good, but to bleed in a aggressive war seems to be stupid.


“That much, I naturally understand it. If possible, I expect for a favorable answer.”


He withdrew.  

I’ll think that there is still time to negotiate.

Are we going to have these talks whenever we meet each other?……….

It might be better to prepare some weapons.


“In the end, it boiled down to the foreign people…….Was it a person from Karisha? I want to put in some order for livestock to them. Will you introduce me?”

“I don’t mind if it’s just that. There are some Karishian in colonial city in the south for a long time. I may put in an order of rare things in various ways if I go there. I will write an introduction letter.”

“Thank you very much. What is it?………”

“I don’t need it. Since I just need to write it.”


King Rosaith said so and writes a letter on a tree board with Indian ink.

There is no paper……..


“Then, I was going to spend significant time today.”

“Me too. Will you stay overnight?”

“No thanks, I’ll inform the group when I return to the village by the end of today.”


I said so and stood up.

It’s slightly rude to decline an invitation, but it is dangerous in various ways to remain here.

It is troublesome if I was made to drink liquor, and established the fact that I stole it in various ways when I got drunk.

Or rather, I’m going to be killed by Tetra.


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