DDLW chapter 9

TL: Captain. Pengu

ED: Darknari the side kick

Special guest: Osura AKA: Godsura-sama


Chapter 9: Other World Ogres Like Beans!?

[Wounded beast]

 When health falls below half, all stats rise by 30%.

 [Ground running] (TL: FF skill name)

Move quickly by consuming magic energy. Consumption: 15MP.

 I confirmed the ogre’s unfamiliar skills. [Wounded beast] was a passive skill like my [God’s Divine Protection] and [Fountain of Magic], so [Ground Running] might be an active skill.

Of course, I looked up the character without permission.

 Why did I do such a confirmation? It was because I moved to that room where I first arrived from the large indoor bath.

 As expected, it was not a great first impression when summoning to a bathroom without water.

 As for the other demon kings, are you living while dealing with such anxiety?

It would be terrible if the hero came while eating lunch.

However, it takes time. Only moving from the large indoor bath takes several minutes. I got carried away and made it too big…….

 Finally I arrived at the room, I immediately performed [Summon]. It was easily operated by just tapping the smartphone.

 Suddenly, my view was covered by a strong light. I protected my eyes right way with my arm.




From the sudden voice that sounded, I understood that the summoning had succeeded.

However, this was harsh.

With great pains, I had moved here for effect, but now I am bent back with my face hidden with my arm.

To hell with my dignity.

Yaa, I am sorry to have summoned you so suddenly. I’m the demon king. The name is Amduscias.”


I ignored the blunder a while ago splendidly and smiled at the ogre.


“Did you say Demon King!?”

“Yes. Although I said that, I was just born only a few minutes ago.”


The ogre’s eyes opened wide in surprise when I first introduced myself as the demon king, it seemed to regain its presence of mind at once.

On the massive dark gray body, was one jet black horn. The muscle covered body that I thought it would be was surprisingly slim. However, the chest muscles were quite thick. Golden eyes peeked out from the short ash grey hair. The face was unexpectedly ikemen (good-looking). It gave off the aura which should be called ambition from its whole body, it was a splendid type of black ogre.

A shining circle that seems to be the [Summoning Array] was at its feet. Without intricate magic squares or geometric patterns, it was just a plain circle. The image was ruined.


“………Why was I called?”


In an unexpectedly high voice, the ogre asked me a question.


“First, to tell you that I do not intend to harm you. By the result of incorporating this whole area in a dungeon, I seemed to have made you considerably alert. And another thing was for an invitation.It is just like I said, I was just born. Therefore I have no friends and am ignorant about this world too. I would be happy if you could teach me various things.”
And I began to smile again. A smile was essential for smooth communications. They say it was a person’s first impression.


 The ogre was warily watching me in silence. It put its hand on the club which it carried on its waist carefully.


“You don’t need to be cautious. Nonetheless, you were suddenly called. I understand that this isn’t something that you will casually accept It’s also understandable. However, there is truly no intention of bringing harm to you.



Silence after all. Though it had became a somewhat wry smile but I did not break my smiling face.


“……Why, me?”


Without lowering its guard, the ogre opened its mouth at last and asked a question.



“I’m not a particularly strong ogre. If you look at this horn, will you understand?”

[Will you understand?] no…….I don’t understand. A huge horn, rather it seems so strong that I feel uneasy.


“No, as I said a while ago, I am still ignorant of this world. What’s wrong with the horn?”

 “………Is that so, you did say that you were born a short while ago. For an ogre, the horn is a symbol of power. Normally one has two horns, but for some reason I can only grow one. My relationship with my family is also bad, so I became wanderer and traveled from place to place.”


In other words, an ogre with only one horn was weak, isn’t that prejudice? And an ogre with two horns would as stronger than this fellow?



 “……As I thought, I don’t think that I will be able to serve under the demon king?”


To me who was just lost in thought, the ogre talked in self-deprecation.

Apparently, [I will not invite such a weak Ogre!!] it thought that I would say that.


“No, I was able to promptly obtain information of this world. If you say that you have traveled, I would like to take you into my party all the more.”

With an earnest expression here. I’m appealing that I do not discriminate.

“Of course, if you said that you want to travel unrestrained, I won’t forcefully invite you. Even if you don’t want to be my subordinate, I won’t blame or harm you. Though it’s regrettable if it is so, but I will just summon the next one. However, if you want to become my companion, I will welcome you to the utmost. I will never discriminate against you or treat you coldly. I want you.” (TL: chick #1 getto)


I take the opportunity and pressed for an answer. Since I don’t have any money or goods, I don’t have any way of persuading it.


“……..Really……….., ………. Am I good enough?”


Nervously, or rather timidly, the ogre asked back.

 I nodded with a big smile.

  My first companion in my life, was ‘The Black Ogre who Cried’.

(Godsura: A reference to 『泣いた赤鬼』 (The Red Ogre who Cried), a famous Japanese folktale.)

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    • one of the best girls or Tensei Shitara has only one horn and she is a beast. also how dare they (the ogres) discriminate against ones with 1 horn. any insult towards Seaport Hime (from Kancolle) shall be met with death.

      also a msg to TL-san. i could have sworn the creatures with horns were Oni and not ogres.


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