DDLW chapter 8

Hello, Pengu and Darknari here to bring to all of you good for nothing-oops i mean good people here a new chapter of Dungeon Demon Lord is the Weakest!?

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Chapter 8: The First Time Summoning!?

【Goblin】 x123

【Orc】 x11

【Red Cap】 x4 (Tl: no idea what they are)(Dark: fey creatures that dye their hats with their victims’ blood)

【Ogre】 x1

The creatures taken into the dungeon were displayed on the smartphone screen.

Though it was necessary that I take a considerably wide range of land, it was a little strange that there was only this much.

Oh, is this because it was cold?


“Let’s pull water from the shore. I want to take a bath quickly.”

[If you do not maintain the drainage, will it become a large disaster?]


*Hmph*. There were no mistakes. The pumped water was distributed in a passage made underground. The used water was drained into another passage. The used portion was discharged through a water pipe (narrow passage in name) properly and the unused one will be discharged to the opposite sea. As for the sewage, it was not good to discharge the untreated waste that way to the opposite sea. Well, should I store it in a receptacle manure pool somewhere?


“Alright, it’s done.”

[If it was verified properly, then please save if it is fine.]

“…? Ah…”


I was confirmed by the smartphone for some reason. Until now, it didn’t say such a thing so far.




Fufufu. I can finally take a bath with this.


“Then let’s do it~♪”


I turned back with great joy.

That reminds me I did not make a kitchen yet. The water supply was done, should I make that next?

I energetically threw opened the double doors and faced the door near the bath.


If my company increased from now on, should we pass through this door together and soak in the same bathtub?

I arrived at the large bathhouse finally. I waited impatiently!


“Well then, will it come out properly?”


I put a hand on the main valve of the bathtub while feeling tense. The lion that was able to open its mouth was staring at me.

Though I wanted a Japanese style, oh well, if it’s made out of stone it’s this.


“*Sigh*…… ……. Alright!”


I greatly exhaled once and got fired up at once.


“Here I go!!”


Who am I speaking to? I quickly opened the valve.


Nothing happened.

The lion’s face was shocked and it looked like it was yawning. I’m somewhat embarrassed.

However, what on earth happened? I checked the smartphone that the water supply had been finished perfectly. I save once more as a test.

…………………..Nothing happened.


“What on earth is happening?”


I asked the smartphone without understanding the reason, the answer from the smartphone was concise.


[Because it is about 2,500km away in a straight line, there is no way the water reached here yet.]



This was embarrassing!! This was 1.5 times more embarrassing than before!! Even though I said to myself a while ago that it took a whole day at 100km/h to get there! As long as the water supply was maintained, I thought that water was already ready to use. Am I modern child ……?

I hastily closed the main valve of the bath and sat down grasping my knees by the corner of the bathtub without hot water.


[If you have some time on your hands, I think you should confirm the living creatures in the dungeon. There might be hostile existences here, too.]


No, I’m not me anymore far from it. If there was a hole I would like to enter it. If it was a pitfall then I can easily make it. Should I make it? And crawl in. (TL: any one help me with the first part  いや、僕もうそれどころじゃないんだけど。)


[Master, please postpone the escape from reality later. This also concerns your life you know?]


Yes, I’m sorry.


“Err……, what should I do? Can it also be seen on the smartphone?”


The demon king was scolded by the smartphone and followed obediently. If one looks at it objectively, he was very pitiable.


[Eh, isn’t master the dungeon master, so if you try, you can possibly know the movements of all the living things in the dungeon.]

“Hah? Seriously?”



That’s a little amazing. In other words, it was possible to see things from anywhere while being in this place!? Uwa! Such a super power!


“I mean, if that’s the case, isn’t a surprise attack or an assassination impossible?”


If I can know all the living things’ movements, while I’m in the labyrinth, won’t I be invincible? On the contrary, I’m able to make surprise attacks freely.

However, smartphone denied that.


[No. Certainly, it is possible for master to look at the movements of all the creatures that are in this labyrinth. However, that means you have to be persistently conscious. In this labyrinth, it is possible for a surprise attack if you are careless. Even now, has master recognized the movements of the intruder? In addition, can master process several pieces of information at the same time?]

“Ah, is that so?”

[Yes. When observing one party, you can’t spare any more attention to another party, it is necessary to be careful.]


No matter how much it is said that I’m a demon king, my contents are after all that of a mere ordinary human. To request from an individual, in this world without the use of a PC, the skill of multitasking is too cruel.

No, I haven’t confirmed it yet, there might still be PC’s. (TL: what is this PC master race?) (EN: It stands for Personal Computer)


“Then, err…….., let’s look at the movement of the one ogre. Let’s start with the group with the fewest numbers.”

[That probably will be better. The ogre was the strongest individual of the creatures searched a short while ago. If it is a hostile existence, you should take care of it immediately.]


Hey, hey, it is getting more dangerous.


“Err, what’s a good way to do it?”

[It won’t be a problem if you simply wish for it. If it is difficult, I think it should be easy enough to vocalize it.]


Easy huh? Can I see the ogre remotely with such a thing?

I will try for the time being.


“Confirmation, ogre.”


As soon as I uttered so, in addition to the view of the large bath of stone, a reddish earth was now visible. It was a very vivid picture which my naked eyes could see.


“Oh! It’s possible!”


Upon the reddish earth I was looking at I saw an ogre loitering.

It had almost black gray skin, with one jet-black horn on the forehead and it was wearing plain clothes. It didn’t have armor equipped but with all that extremely grown muscle it acted as a natural armor. Somewhat, it was pretty cool.


“What caused it to be awfully cautious of the surroundings?”


The ogre looked restlessly around the surroundings while holding a wooden club in its right hand.


[Of course it is. Because it was taken into the dungeon suddenly.]

“Eh!? It can easily understand that it was taken into the dungeon!?”

[Isn’t it natural. Isn’t it a sudden change in temperature from the frigid environment to a suddenly more comfortable indoors. Master is with doubt a fool, any creature would notice that.]

“Oi, you bastard, you finally directly abused me at last.”


I divert my awareness from the smartphone that is becoming more and more impertinent; I paid attention to the ogre.


“This is bad. Though I’m merely watching now, if I make a mistake in the first contact, it may be hostile.”

[Then, shouldn’t we remove it? If there is a possibility of it being hostile, you should deal with it as soon as possible.]


Hmm……, However, if possible, I do not want to do things like that. It would be bad to draw attention. I would like to live quietly a little more.


[If you wish to converse with it, how about you [Summon] it to talk? When [Summon] is used, it can’t leave from the [Summoning Array] until it becomes master’s companion, and once it becomes a companion it will no longer be able to interfere with master. If it doesn’t want to become a companion, you can send it back.]

“That’s so! There was that method!”


I immediately operated the smartphone. Under [Custom] in [Labyrinth], I touch [Summon].


“There are various entries……”


[Name] [Race] [Level] [Sex] [Age] and so on, to summon the ogre with nothing but what I can see, it was slightly severe.


[Master, surely you did not forget your own skill [Appraisal] did you?]




“N-n-no way! S-such a thing, it’s not, I have not, I have not done that! Geez, it’s because my smartphone is being mischievous today.”


Silence is painful.

I mentally call for [Appraisal] and looked at the ogre.



Ogre 《Level 52》

Stray Ogre   Wanderer

HP: 1205/2600

MP: 62/114

EXP: 1478/23506

Strength: 1720

Defense: 2819

Agility: 298

Magic: 4


Wounded Outcast

Club level 70

Jibashiri ▼(TL: some reference) (EN: I think it’s a type of swift running?)







“It’s too painful to look at!!”


Why is even the appraisal in fami○m specs!? Thanks to that, I ended up retorting before saying things like ‘Ogres are strong!’ or like ‘Well, my status is………’, I ended up doing a tsukkomi!! (EN: Famicom, a 1986 gaming system from nintendo) (TL:thank you that we have wonderful ED)

That’s enough. There was no name, so I inputted only the [Race] and [Level].

Eh? But there are loads of others with the same race and same level in the world. What do I do then?


[There is an entry at the very bottom, when you use [Summon within Labyrinth], you can only target an individual in the labyrinth. Moreover, there is only 1 ogre in this labyrinth, if an ogre was targeted that individual will surely be summoned.]


Why did I bother to use [Appraisal] intentionally when it was unnecessary? Why was it purposely done in such a roundabout way?


[You were free.]


……………Geez, no more of this child already…………….


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TL’s note:

Well, final test and project is hovering over me looking for a way to rape my butt when left unnoticed so I will be out of commission on TL until 3 of Jun. I won’t disappear without notice so calm your tits people, I will just take a break from TL to study. Be the luck with you poor ass on the final.


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