New chapter of DDLW

Hello, sorry for the lateness. It was hard to start out TL and find ED. Thanks for Darknari to board the slave ship as ED, we now have a new chapter that you all waiting for. If you found any mistake please report on the comment and I’ll fix it.


“” normal people talking

[] special words or name

<<>> speach of smartphone


It’s my smartphone but it’s too scary!?


The rust colored earth. There the wind licks, starts up a cloud of dust, at a violent speed. The greenery is thin. Here and there, it takes root in the earth to creep on the ground. Tall vegetation was nowhere to be found. The sky was covered with thick clouds, the sun shined dimly on the surroundings. The wind was cold, the chill pierces my skin with the fierce breeze.

[Blood Tears of a Demon King]. The reddish brown earth lives up to its name.


“Coold~. I don’t know why the inside of this room is at a moderate temperature, but I’m saved.”


To spend daily life at such a temperature, the heating facility was indispensable.

However, for me, I don’t like rooms which were warmed up too much for winter.


“However, where is the sea? There is no horizon even though I looked around.”


If I was told to go walk to the sea, it was possible that I might bitterly cry a little.



“Waaahhh!! SO COLD!!”


I can’t do it! I once again take refuge here in the room.

I descended the stairs quickly.

When I stepped onto the first step of the stairs, it was another world there. It wasn’t hot, or cold, it fits the word comfortable exactly.

Even if the wind was energetically blowing before my eyes, not a slight breeze blew here.


“Really, what is this?”


I nonchalantly speak out my doubt…


[In the dungeon, this space is completely isolated from the outside world. Any phenomenon from the outside will not have any effect on the dungeon.]


An answer came back abruptly.

It was like an electronic sound, the owner of the voice sounds like a strange artificial woman, it came from my right hand. It was my smartphone.


“You, did you just talk?”

[To be precise I am not uttering a vocal sound. It is the function of this device.]


Yeah, I don’t really understand.


“Um, what are you?”

[I am a system which was made in order to support master, I am [Dungeon Maker].]


The electronic sound had an atmosphere like a woman, apparently it seems to be a programed application of the system.


“Hm……., Why did you stay silent up till now?”

[It is because I was programed to answer master’s question. If there is no question, an answer cannot be returned.]


Oh, that’s it. Like god, there was no reason to speak to me intentionally. According to the program of the app, it only answers my question. Though I surely thought it was a spirit of the dead or something.

No, it’s fine like that.


“Ah, then I have a question. How far is it from here to the sea? I was told by god that the True Continent and the Demon Continent are divided. However I don’t know the geography, I don’t know what should I do? Can you teach me?”

[Yes. From here to the nearest sea is approximately 2,500km.]



2,500km? Let’s assumed that I ran 100km per hour, I’ll arrive 25 hours later.

Please spare me……. Is there even a car here?


[If it’s just to divide it into parts, as long as there is [Dungeon Maker] there is no problem. If the screen is zoomed out, you can grasp the topography around. As it is now, if you hope to make a dungeon to just divide the continent, then it seems master’s wish can be granted.]

“Zoom out?”


Following the voice, I operated the smartphone’s screen. I shaped my fingers as if to pinch something.

When I did, the square room that was only seen up till now, became a square dot. The surroundings were pitch black and nothing could be seen.


[Please make a dungeon above ground by using [Create] in [Custom]. As it is now, you can only retrieve information of the underground space.]


Oi, did you just question me now?

What’s with the nuance of saying [Isn’t it natural? Aren’t you stupid??

As it said, I used [Custom] to adjust the area around the stairs. I might as well make it a temple style.


[Please do it quickly.]

“Enough already you, why are you talking completely as you please anyway!?”


Being rushed by the voice, I did a hurried confirmation and saved.

The temple with a Greek architectural style was completed before my eyes. If you look at the smartphone’s screen, there was an indication from where the temple was built, and a display of [F1] appeared on the lower left.

The alphabet can be used.

For some reason I admired such a small thing.


[When you created the dungeon on the ground, did you incorporate the dungeon with the original topography? You can select whether you will have it as an entirely new space. Because it was set when we built the underground space, the space was similarly overwritten.]


I can no longer take for granted that the smartphone will tell me something I did not hear of. I’m not impressed.


“For the time being, leaving behind the former topography, let’s expand the dungeon to the sea.”

[It is possible to penetrate from that place, would you like that?]

“Change it later. First priority is securing water. The toilet is not usable.” (TL: there is a lot of emphasis on the toilet, how about toilet paper?)


I zoom out the map, the whole of the [Blood Tears of a Demon King] was displayed.

Apparently here, there was a long and slender peninsula adjacent to the Demon continent. However, the coast of the True continent was quite close as well. It’s certainly a danger zone here.

By the way, is this extremely near the South Pole? Because I do not know whether it’s the North Pole, I don’t know the direction. Well, to the right is the Demon Continent and the left side is the True Continent.

The land of the [Blood Tears of a Demon king] was mostly plains. There was no river either. Other than having high mountains on the edge of the Demon Continent, there was really nothing here. It must have been easy to fight.

I chose to connect to both sides of the peninsula.

By the way, I operated [Select] which was under [Create] in the [Custom] option. After selecting it, there seems to be various operations in [Create].

This time I save it.

Then a warning screen appeared instead of the familiar confirmation screen.




A creature exists in the chosen space. Do you want to keep it in the dungeon to utilize it?

[Reject]               [Preserve]



For some reason I was pressed with a dangerous choice.


“What is this?”


I asked a question clearly this time.


[When a creature exists in the chosen space of a dungeon at the same time it is being made, it invades the dungeon. If you choose [Reject], there is a forced transfer of the creature to outside of the dungeon. When choosing [Preserve] the creature is allowed to stay. I would not recommend it too much.]

“However, it is possible to invade this dungeon from anywhere now, after all isn’t it the same?”

[Yes. Even if it is rejected, it is likely to invade again. When you re-edit the space, the same warning screen will be displayed. At that time it will be no problem to reject it. However, it is a possibility that a potential enemy can invade. Please keep that in mind.]


Oh~. Aren’t you saying such an admirable thing? Is this that? A tsundere fellow?


[If master dies I will also stop functioning.]


Oops, it was mere self-preservation.


[Master, please don’t die even for me.]

“A nice follow up!? Before there wasn’t any surplus in the words to me!!”


[Probably master can die easily.]

“*Umph* scary!!”


I felt a shiver along my backbone. Only in the cold area, it is not tsundere but tundra. Go to the battlefield *hara-san!? (EN: no clue what character it’s referring to)


[Please do not tell me such a worthless joke.]

“I did not say anything out loud!?”


This fellow, for a moment was scary.


[Master, decide quickly. It is groundlessly tedious.]

“Whose fault is that…..”


Enough already. As I was tired, I chose [Preserve] quickly. The familiar confirmation screen finally appeared and I saved it.


*Tsk* this smartphone. I will call you little smartphone from now on. TL:(Some play on words sumaho-sumako)(EN: the ko part means child)


[Master, are you angry?]

“I’m sorry.”


After all it’s scary, this person.


[Or, did it happen?]



Geez, no more of this child already…….


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8 thoughts on “New chapter of DDLW

  1. the MC might be an idiot. he can create furniture out of nothing, why isn’t he just creating a water source? also why didn’t he do more then make 1 giant room before making a 2500 Km long dungeon. literally made no defense for his dungeon or monster guardians. someone please educate this baka on the basics of dungeon making already


  2. I also think it’s a refence to senjougahara from hitagi. If i remember right her name is written with kanji from battlefield ( (戦場ヶ原 ) the protag said she is like atundra


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  4. I felt a shiver along my backbone. Only in the cold area, it is not tsundere but tundra. Go to the battlefield *hara-san!? (EN: no clue what character it’s referring to) <- Senjougahara Hitagi from Bakemonogatari; the same joke was made with her (I don’t know if it was invented then or she just popularized it).

    Tsk this smartphone. I will call you little smartphone from now on. TL:(Some play on words sumaho-sumako)(EN: the ko part means child) <- while “ko” does mean “child”, the reason here is that “ko” is a staple suffix for female names (Aiko, Yumiko, Taeko…); the equivalents for men are “o” (‘man’), “rou” (‘son’, though it’s usual to write it instead with other kanji, like ‘wolf’, ‘wave’ or ‘serene’), “kichi” (‘joy’) and “tarou” (‘plump’ + ‘son’, to wish them good fortune).


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