DDLW chapter 17

Well, I am back and I decided to drop Dungeon Demon Lord is The Weakest since it doesn’t intrigue me anymore and now more like a chore to me. So if any TL want to take it up, please feel free. Very sorry about this to this novel’s readers

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TL: Pengu

ED: Darknari


Chapter 17: A Certain King’s Melancholy.


It became a troublesome thing.

Now, it is the only thing that I think about.

Amuhamura Kingdom is an old prominent kingdom in the True Continent with a history of more than 1000 years.

My ancestors continued to protect this kingdom for a long time. That is purely my pride.

Only, the situation encompassing this kingdom has only been, and can only be called one thing; dire.

It is located at the north end of the True Continent, the production capacity is low, in this country there is no notable industry, and it requires meticulous attention to maintain the national strength.  

Despite that, this country, from the True Continent to the Demon Continent, is the sole bridgehead and because of that the end result is detestable. (Darknari: bridgehead)

If the demons attacked from the Demon Continent, our country will become the defensive wall to stop them.

When humans invade the Demon Continent, our country supports them.

Actually, the fact that this country was able to build 1000 years of history was because the other countries did not want the territory of this kingdom in the slightest.

Even though that’s the case, for the greedy ones of the central countries and the church’s fanatics, as soon as they have free time, they start preaching about the invasion of the Demon Continent. I would say this is the most extreme pain in the neck.

For the country located inland and south of the True Continent, the invasion of the Demon Continent is justice, and everyone follows in the example of amassing war emergency demands since it is a delicious event. They don’t notice that it is draining the life of the soldiers.

And it is the Avi Religion that promotes it that holds sway over the whole continent.

The Avi Religion is a human supremacy proposition of the extermination of the demons, however the religion has a doctrine of having no scruples.

When it comes to the Pope, with an influential voice that not even a king of a whole country can reach, the standpoint on the final decision of the Demon Continent invasion is also carried.

There is only one pope, if they declare an invasion on the Demon Continent, each country in the True Continent must band together and work as one. From the whole True Continent, soldiers will gather in Amuhamura, which will require food to be supplied for the soldiers to consume, or else the people in the whole kingdom will starve.  

I, as a duty of the royal family in the True Continent, also have the Avi Religion carved into my body, and the belief in equality is non-existent.  

The citizens of the Amuhamura kingdom show it conspicuously. At any rate, husbands and fathers die by the words of the Pope and children and grandparents starve and die because of the Demon Continent invasion.  

If it is the Amuhamura citizens, it is kind of a custom for everyone to spit onto the image of the god of light, the Idol of the Avi Religion. (TL:check) (Darknari: that makes no sense whatsoever) I have also experienced it several times.  

However, now, it isn’t the time to talk about complaints.  

The 13th demon king was born in the [Blood Tears of a Demon King] peninsula of the Demon Continent.

The [Blood Tears of a Demon King] of all things. If the bridgehead on the True Continent is here in Amuhamura.  The bridgehead on the Demon Continent side is the [Blood Tears of a Demon King]. (TL: what is 橋頭歩が?) (ED: according to osura it is a typo for 橋頭堡)

The humans tried to capture it many times, however, it is the land where everything had failed.

It’s not just that. It’s possible that the new demon king, like the first and second demon king, will not show interest in the true continent, but if it’s as belligerent as the 11th demon king, it will invade this place immediately.

It’s to the extent that the proclamation of the 13th demon king’s birth was confirmed by the shrine maiden many times over.  

If it comes to invade this way, we have to engage. And, afterwards, it goes without saying. For the subjugation of the demon king that lives in the [Blood Tears of a Demon King], the decision to invade the Demon Continent will come down.

No, if it is the Demon Continent invasion it may be decided early.

Because that place is too near the True Continent.


“……..Really, this has become a pain………” (King)


I leaked out a sigh in the private room where nobody was around.

If possible, I wanted to avoid the Demon Continent invasion. But, I can’t leave the 13th demon king unattended as it is.

If I leave it unattended, it will store power, and invade with a large army beyond what the eyes can see.


Knocks echoed calmly from the door of my private room where other than the royal family, even the prime minister can’t enter other than in an emergency.


“Enter.” (King)

“Excuse me” (???)


The one that comes into sight is this country’s knight leader. A beautiful young woman. With a tall figure that doesn’t bring this country’s formal silver armor to shame, and rather short hair that isn’t appropriate for a girl of marriageable age. The blond hair fluttered when bowing, which was similar to a gallant knight from a fairy tale.  


“You have come.” (King)


I said so briefly.  


“Yes. The preparations for the scout corps is ready. We can depart at anytime.” (Knight Leader)

“I think you understand that the purpose is reconnaissance to find out the 13th demon king’s nature. Don’t make a mistake that stimulates the demon king, and preparing for an incoming attack is enough.” (King)

“Yes.” (Knight Leader)


The leader nodded seriously at my words.


“In our every single move, social confusion which can enfold the True continent can happen. I am aware of that aplenty.” (Knight Leader)

“It is good if that is the case” (King)


From the leader words, I exhale a breath of relief for the time being.


“…….” (King)

“……..” (Knight Leader)


After a quiet silence, in the end I open my mouth once again.


“……I’m sorry, putting you up to such a dangerous duty.” (King)

“No, I, who was an illegitimate child, was brought up here. You have my thanks, there is no possibility of a grudge.” (Knight Leader)

“Trisha……….” (King)

“Father, I am a knight leader of this country. If there is danger, then I will become the shield to protect people, it is my pride and duty. As for me, I learnt it from father. I can’t peacefully the pass time while driving others into dangerous places.” (Trisha)

“…………Ah. My pride is you. Please live and come home.” (King)

“Certainly……..!” (Trisha)


I, the king of Amuhamura Kingdom, Albert Popo Amuhamura and the illegitimate princess Trisha Lily Amuhamura, in this way, parted.

What my daughter will carry back home? At this time there was no way for me to know.


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