DDLW chapter 13

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Editor: Darknari

Demon Lord After All!?


【Red Cap】 x22

The Red Caps had increased further.

Certainly, as Andre said, it would be better to handle it immediately.

The Red Caps seemed to flow in from the vicinity as Paimon said. If I leave it unattended, things like the goblins’ village may suffer heavy damage.

Unfortunately, the Orcs have already been attacked and a lot of damage seems to have occurred.

Therefore, were they few?

By the way, goblins and orcs are demons while red caps are monsters. To be honest, if I was not taught by Paimon, “After all, the first match is a goblin or slime!!” I had thought and almost triumphantly went on a slaughter.

Ah, a slime seems to be a monster. I don’t really understand the difference.

Though the red caps have assembled and are behaving for the moment, it would be difficult the moment they scattered. (EN: actually said if the rose was kicked)


“Confirmation, Red Caps.”


I saw the group of Red Caps by overlooking from the sky.

The Red Caps had an ugly figure that was a combination of a rat and a dog, and multiplied by malice. The height approximately might be 150 cm (~4’11”). The face was very huge compared to the body.

With a bright red mane, like a mo-hawk in some respects, are you excited? A figure that roughly exhales that seems to suggest that it would yell out “Hyahhaaaa!!”.

Though it barely even stood with two feet, the beast characteristic was pronounced, so no matter how you think on it walking on four feet would be quicker.

The position of the creature was displayed as a white point on the smartphone. Therefore, though it was not necessary to especially confirm it, when thinking that this was the first work as a dungeon master, I wanted to see it with my own eyes.


“I make a dungeon from [Create]. Is a pitfall good for a trap? Ah, I don’t need such a size. About 2m (~6ft) in height, 7m (~23ft) in width, and 500m (~1,640ft) in length feels about right?”


A narrow kind of corridor which limits the crowd of Red Caps was produced. The material was simply stone. Because the inside would be dark, torches were attached. Putting one every 10m (~33ft) on both sides of the wall, for a total of 100. To tell the truth, this was anything but kind.


“Alright, it’s done.”

[If it is not possible to escape, then a save can not be done.]

“Woops, I forgot to make an exit. And while I’m at it an entrance.”


I built a small doorway approximately 1m (~3ft) in height at both ends of the corridor.


“Is this ok? ………………… Yeah, it looks good! Save.”


The Red Caps that came in sight began to rapidly panic.

Quite so. Especially, when you walked in a needlessly large plain, and then were suddenly stuffed into a cramped corridor.

All the torches instantly lit up and illuminated the corridor of stone brightly.


“Are these fellows stupid?”


As soon as the lights lit up, the red caps in groups of twos and threes began to run.

There wasn’t any precaution at all either.


“Because monsters have hardly any intellect.”


It was proved immediately as Paimon said.

Half of the red caps have fallen into the 1st pitfall.

There wasn’t a person who noticed the entrance that was behind either.

Well, when he enters once, an intruder has to escape or he will die if he can’t, though it will never open.

With this, I, who was making it with various considerations, might be foolish.

Even if you say pitfall, it wasn’t just an ordinary hole. When setting foot into it, the floor inclines and one has to persevere in ascending the steep hill road that leads to the entrance side. The exit side was of course a precipice.

With its configuration, if it doesn’t have multiple people it won’t work as intended, the so called weak point was in the preparation.

The Red Caps, all became desperate and ran up the slope. As I thought, walking on four feet seems to be quicker.

By the way, the pitfall width was 4m (~13ft). The depth and length was about 10m (~33ft) so a detour was also possible.

The red caps that were luckily able to make a detour fell into the following pitfall.

So, this corridor looked to be a straight path, the structure wasn’t advanced and doesn’t meander intensely.

It was possible to pass by solo.


[Master, this trap is surely effective for travel restriction, but elimination isn’t done at all. Isn’t it too low-risk?]


[Degree of Risk] was something like the difficulty of dungeon. A floor without danger to life was low risk, and a floor with brutal traps becomes high risk.

For high risk, it costs for maintenance. So the lower the risk the cheaper the cost is.

Energy is necessary for the maintenance of a dungeon.

There are two methods to supplement energy. I could pour magic in or absorb it from the infinitesimal organic matter from the living things that died, such as monsters, in the dungeon.

For the degree of risk there were ten stages in total. Though it was 1~10, the degree of risk of this corridor was 3.

Perhaps, though the risk might be provided the number and characteristic of traps…


Was there any reason that I would make such a soft-core game?

When making the dungeon larger in the future, this trap, should I plan this brutal specification to be arranged in the middle stage?

If you do it unskillfully, it’s so brutal that you can only capture it solo.


[~! Master, the number of red caps have begun to decrease.]


Yeah, gradually.

Even in the interior field of view, several of the red caps bodies have begun to fall down.

While the other red caps breathed out intensely, while painfully standing.

At the same time, the torches go out.

If you keep burning as much as 100 torches in this corridor where it lacks height, width, and length so much, it will naturally run out of oxygen. On top of that, the traps here are the only thing which restricts travel and intense exercise was necessary to seldom be caught in one.

In other words, this corridor was a hypoxic trap floor. (EN: this is what it means)


“However, these stupid red caps, more than half have gone forward. Okay. The width will be adjusted to 5m (~16ft), and let’s also place the torches every 5m.”

Of course, the pitfall width was narrowed. It can’t be saved if it can’t be captured. (EN: Hmm, I wonder if there is a loophole for creating impossible dungeons)


“If a save cannot be done…………..”


After all, double the torches was too much.

The torches were returned to the former number.

Woops. When I noticed, the red caps have been annihilated.

Well, once the oxygen disappears, it was unrelated how many there were.

Now then, such a thing was the first job as a Dungeon Master, how was it?


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TL: Finally all Red Caps are dead!!!! I don’t have to read the name anymore~~~


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