Sword Shisho chapter 64

Last week chapter….. I forgot, tehe. There will be another chapter this week when Maaka email me his TL.

Chapter 64: Colony


With Urushi’s speed it takes 2 hours to the colony of Ghost Grass. Walking normally would take a day. We decided to move with Argen on a horse and Fran on Urushi.

Argen was quite surprised to see Urushi get big. Oh yeah, that’s right. He thought Urushi was a dog, and he turned out to be a Darkness Wolf. I will praise him for not running away.

However, Argen’s horse is terrified. It refused to get within 5 meters of Urushi while moving. It made Urushi a little depressed. Come on, you’re a predator! Don’t get down from a damn horse!!


「Urushi, good boy」



As Fran said that, we came back to a place I recognized. That rocky cliff, and that tree on the hill; we passed here yesterday as well. Over there’s where the colony was.


「In that forest」

「Hou, well done finding it」


It’s a small grove a bit away from the highway, which you’d normally not have any reason to enter when travelling. We could not have found it without Urushi’s nose.


「Thanks to Urushi」



Urushi sticks out his chest as if bragging.


「Hee~ As expected of a threat level C monster」

「Urushi is amazing」



Don’t look so embarrassed! Because Urushi is so smart he really does have a lot of facial expressions.


「Well then, shall we go?」

「Nn. Here」


It’s nothing complicated getting this far. Though the colonies are in the middle of the forest.


『Hey, shall we ask a little about how to use Ghost Grass?』


I’m interested in magical catalysts.



「What is it?」

「Ghost Grass, how to use?」

「There are various uses, but if used as is it has a combined effect of poison and paralysis. It’s pretty dangerous if you eat it without knowing anything. Though I don’t think anyone would ever eat it by mistake」

「Other uses?」

「By making it into a potion. You can make a potion that only damages the undead, and sprinkling that on the ground can keep undead away temporarily」


So it’s like Holy Water?


「Also, it can be used as a catalyst to increase the effect of Ghost Magic. I’m an amateur when it comes to knowledge about Ghost Magic though, so it’s just something I’ve heard」


Hmm, there are a set amount of known uses it seems. It seems interesting to try out some experiments with it.

While we were walking and being taught about Ghost Grass, right before we entered the forest, Argen suddenly stopped.



「Hey, are they really further up here?」

「Growing up there」

「Iya, understood…」


What? Did he suddenly become afraid? But why? There are no sign of enemies.


「?? Going?」

「Iya, but…」



「Uwawawa! Don’t push me!」

「On! On!」



Arget got pushed by Urushi’s nose, fell forward and rolled forward into the forest.

Ah… Isn’t that too excessive? Arget crashed headfirst into a tree.


「Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!」

「All right?」

「Ah, yeah」

「Then, let’s go」

「I, I got it!」


Oh? Didn’t he say he’d return home already? Making him forcibly enter the forest if he doesn’t want to is a bit harsh, you know.

However, this time it was Fran who stopped and tightened her expression. Well, I’m the only one who can see that change in expression though. I also know the reason why Fran stopped.


『Something’s there』

「Nn. Probably a monster」

「Eh? There’s a monster?」


Raising the level of Sign Perception was worth it. It seems Argen doesn’t notice it. Well, his highest detection skill is Chrisis Perception at lvl 3 so it can’t be helped.


「Towards the colony」

「Is that so…」


I just feel a presense, so I don’t know any details. However, if it was a really strong monster we’d be able to feel it’s magical power all the way over here easily. It’s not an opponent we cannot beat.


「Then, let’s go carefully」

「Nn. Urushi」


「So he can even do things like that huh」


Urushi gave out a quiet howl. Then, a thin layer of shadow covered Fran and Argen. It’s a barrier that blocks of their life-signs. It covers the body like like armor so you can move with it active. Furthermore, it even shrinks the body a little, a perfect covert mode.


「Going covertly」


「Got it」


We slowly approach the colony of Ghost Grass. When we’re approaching the center of the forest we can detect the magical power of the enemy. It’s a magical beast of about rank E.

Fran and Urushi won’t have any problems, but it might be a hard foe to Argen.


「You should crouch a little」

「Ah, ok」



We proceeded while protecting Argen. Light is filtering in from ahead of us, from the clearing where the Ghost Grass grew.





When we looked into the colony from the shadow of the trees, something was there. It was squatting down in the field of red and black Ghost Grass and doing something. It seems like it’s picking the grass.

However, I do not know if it’s a human or not. It’s wearing a big robe with a hood covering the head. Although it feels a bit too thin it is human-like in terms of physique.


『Let’s take a moment to observe』



「It is slow, it’s slow」


The moment when the robed person stood up, we saw it’s face. And Argen suddenly gave out a shout.





Damn! We were noticed!


『Shit! Let’s go, Fran!』




Make fast decisions. Rough estimates are not good, you need to be decisive.


『Skeletons have their magic stone in the torso』

「Decide with a single blow」


So, the thing wasn’t human. Peeking out from the hood is a white skull.

It’s a skeleton. I don’t know why a monster is picking Ghost Grass, but since we’re noticed we’ll take care of it quickly.




Fran makes a great leap while drawing me, and Urushi runs along the ground like a black wind.

The skeleton starts to move but, too late! We’ll make it no matter what!

But, the next action by the skeleton was completely unexpected.

The skeleton didn’t pull out a weapon nor chant magic, nor even show any intention to dodge, it just held it’s hands above it head.


「Hiyaaa!! Help!!」

『Wait a-! Fran! Urushi! Stop!』

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    When I read this chapter with TA it was such a pain undesñrstanding what the hell the skeleton was saying since he(?) does not talk in kanji and I had to search in the internet for the words I didn’t know.

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    • — However, Argen’s horse is terrified. It refused to get within 5 meters of Urushi while moving. It made Urushi a little depressed. —
      Come on, you’re a predator! Don’t get down from a damn horse!!
      That’s exactly what I tsukkomi…

      — The skeleton didn’t pull out a weapon nor chant magic, nor even show any intention to dodge, it just held it’s hands above it head.
      「Hiyaaa!! Help!!」 —
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      A little typo?
      detection skill is Chrisis Perception
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  3. Thanks for the chapter, but please could you not write such things like “another chapter this week”? It’s OK to wait week or several, but please don’t give such false expectations – it makes waiting slightly painful.


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