ONFC chapter 29


Unexepected chapter.



Chapter 29″ First campaign

——————————– Almis’s POV ——————————-



Though the advance company of King Ferme’s army arrives at the village, it took them about one and a half days



“You will surrender the village to us. And then we can offer provisions to our 200 soldiers! If so it will save lives.” (Commander)

“For 200 men? Is it really only that? Are you not planning to take away everything after occupying the village?” (Almis)


“No way, we just want to secure provisions. I do not want more than that.” (Commander)


It’s the truth.


But I cannot say how much provisions 200 soldiers will need.

Possibly it is the entire harvest of the village……Well, if that’s the case there is no other way……


Almis thinks about it just a little bit.

Negotiations are done on an equal basis or under the supervision of a great power.

Will it really be fulfilled? If positive proof doesn’t exist, terms cannot be accepted.


The commander..said..provisions.

In other words, the enemy’s purpose is the palace of King Rosaith.


Ordinarily they wouldn’t march through the forest due to fear of the griffon, so to make surprise attacks they will take this village as a base. That is the enemy’s purpose.

Then, if this village surrenders, sparks will start with Julia and King Rosaith.

What is with that?


“Evidence?” (Almis)


“Swear in the name of King Ferme.” (Commander)


“Then, it is impossible.” (Almis)



The negotiations break down.

Both sides thought that a battle would occur from the beginning, so the negotiations ended quickly.



“Take your time. What can you do with a measly 40 or 50 soldiers? We have 200. We will crush you solely using force!” (Commander)


—————————— Enemy’s POV ——————————–



The commander often observes the village.

There is a high wooden fence dug deep.


There is only one gate.

A village of this size will be difficult to siege with only 200 soldiers.


Since the purpose of the battle is meant to be a short-term decisive battle, it would best to focus their strength upon destroying the entrance.

There are 40-50 enemy soldiers, but if the other inhabitants of the village are counted it exceeds 100.


Nonetheless, the main goal is to secure provisions and a base.

There is no particular reason to massacre them.

Once the enemy general’s head rolls, they would most likely kneel if you give them the suggestion of surrendering.


Though there might be many sacrifices, our role is that of the vanguard.

The important thing is to force a surrender by the time the main army arrives. Even if that is not possible, we need to at least weaken them.


Unlike last time, this time there were battering rams and many archers that were also prepared.


“First of all, secure the surroundings of the gate. Then strike it with the battering ram!” (Commander)


The soldiers who are accustomed to war rush towards the gate while forming ranks.


But suddenly, the ranks began to fall into disorder.


“Pitfalls?……How troublesome……we must make a detour.” (Commander)


It seems that spears were buried upwards underneath the pitfalls, 20 people were killed, but the pitfalls only caught them at the beginning.

You can tell where the pitfalls are if you look at the ground very carefully.


It’s very easy to avoid.


But it would take a lot of time to make a detour and reach the gate.



“Shit. I did not hear of them having such defensive facilities.” (Commander)


The commander complains.

It is necessary to be prepared for sacrifices after all.


Nonetheless, pitfalls are a basic tactic for defense.

Therefore, I am not particularly surprised.


“But if we occupy the village, then we can secure provisions. We must secure it as a base before the main army arrives.” (Commander)


“Yes. That’s ri-……it’s dangerous!!” (Adjutant)



The adjutant pushed the commander off his horse.

Causing the commander to tumble onto the ground.



“You bastard! What the hell……” (Commander)


The adjutant was dead.

There was an arrow stuck in his head.


The commander looked around.



“Shit! This arrow pierced through the armor!” (Soldier A)


“It’s made of custom bronze…….” (Soldier B)


“Is it made out of iron?” (Soldier C)


The soldiers are being shot with arrows one after another.


“How could this be! What is our archery corps doing?” (Commander)

“With this distance the arrows don’t reach!!” (Archer Captain)



The archer captain replies.


Though they had no way of knowing, the bows that Almis and the others were using were long bows that were purchased from the Karishian merchant.

The range of it is different from the bows used in King Ferme’s country.


Also, unlike the stone arrowheads that King Ferme’s troops used, they were made of iron.

By shooting from a high tower it is possible to attack from outside the range of King Ferme’s archers.


“Raise your shields! While defending against the arrows in front……” (Infantry Captain)



The arrow, which was shot at the captain’s head, pierced through his bronze shield.

With the shield that they had relied on being useless, turmoil ran among the soldiers.



“Hey, are you ok?” (Soldier)


“It’s alright. It penetrated the armor, but it’s just a scratch. It will recover with just some spit!!” (Infantry Captain)


The soldiers who had been struck with the arrows began to writhe on the ground.

Naturally those who were struck deeply, but the ones who were only grazed as well.



“A poisoned arrow! Coward!!” (Commander)



The commander shouted.

A poisoned arrow stabs at the feet of the commander in reply.



“Eek!” (Commander)

“Please commander, fall back!!” (Soldier)



The commander fell back so his subordinates could protect him.


——————————– Almis’s POV ——————————-



“Does it seem we will win?” (Villager) (Darknari: no idea who is talking here)


“Yes. The enemy numbers have already been reduced by about 50 people.” (Almis)


There were 150 people remaining.

They would probably retreat if they lost another 50.


The enemy’s weaponry consisted of bronze spears.

And then they mostly had wooden armor, with some made of leather. The captain class had bronze armor, and finally the commander’s was made of iron.

This bow is a long bow I purchased from a Karishian by using up a large sum (of paper).

And the iron arrows were smeared with aconite poison.


Being defeated would be strange.



“The enemy’s arrows will soon be in range. Almis-san, be careful.” (Gram)



Shouted Gram from the top of the arrow tower.


Although the enemy was confused at first, they began to organize and raised their shields to protect themselves, before slowly but surely advancing towards the village.


“You be careful too, do not think about dying.” (Almis)


“I know.” (Gram)


Gram answered while grinning broadly.

I am worried, but I have no choice but to leave it to him.


“Ron, you should get back to your post soon. When the enemy reaches the gate……Do you understand?” (Almis)


“I understand. I’ll teach them a thing or two.” (Ron)


Ron said as he went back to his post.


Well, I should also return soon.

Otherwise I will get shot by an arrow if I stay.


I gradually began to hear the the footsteps of the enemy, moreover it was accompanied by the sound of arrows piercing the village buildings.

The enemy has about 40 archers.

Because they had more numbers than ours, the more the enemy’s attacks are intensified, the less gaps there are to shoot.

While Gram and the others hid behind large iron shields, they found gaps and preferentially shoot at the archers.


The progress of the battle has tilted in the enemy’s favor. 

……For now.


“Leader! The enemy seems to have gathered around the gate!” (Ron)


Ron reported happily.


“Ok, do it!” (Almis)


When I say so, Ron grins and nods.


He held something similar to a spear in his hand.

Ron calls out to his nine subordinates.


“You guys! Do you have your bomb spears? Do it like you did in training. Absolutely do not hit the fence, you hear? If you fail, you will be castrated!!” (Ron)


Ron calls out as he holds a bomb spear……a spear which was prepared with black powder fastened to the spearhead.


When Ron stood ready with the spear, it began to shine faintly.

The magic was invoked.


“One, two, three, haa!!” (Ron)


Ten spears flew over the wall at the same time Ron called out, and fell onto the soldiers flooding outside the gate.


They ignited at the same time they landed.

The black powder caused a massive explosion.


The arrows from the enemy all cease immediately.

White smoke rises, as I hear lots of screaming from the other side of the wall.



“Ok, it’s a success. Prepare the second volley!” (Ron)


Ten spears impacted on the enemy once again.


More screams rise.


“I guess that’s good. Stop. I will go, Roswald.” (Almis)


“Understood. Big brother.” (Roswald)


I straddle the horse Roswald brought.

And lined up besides Roswald.


There are six members of the cavalry, including me and Roswald.



“Open the gate! While I charge, Gram and the rest, stop shooting arrows! Ron, you guys continue from there!!” (Almis)



The gate opens.

Then we charged.

“Woah, this is horrible.” (Almis)


The situation outside of the gate was more severe than I thought.

The corpses were scattered about and looked like crushed tomatoes.


The corpses looked so wretched it made me question if some of them were human.


I realized again the frightening things I made.

When I thought about if my enemy used black powder, I felt a chill.

We have to keep the recipe secret.


The enemy in the noise and white smoke was plunged into chaos by the sudden death of their comrades.

There is no need to do anything anymore, and yet……


“I will attack the enemy’s commander!!” (Almis)


I call out and charge into the chaos of the enemy.


There was no need to swing my spear.

Because when the enemy saw my form they gave up and opened up a pathway.


I had basically won already.


Before long I will pierce through the enemy’s troops.

There is no need to charge again.


The white smoke begins to clear, allowing me to see the enemy’s garments.

Most soldiers had wooden and leather armor, and some wore armor made of bronze.



“You, over there mounted on a horse and wearing iron armor! You must be the enemy commander!” (Roswald)


Roswald kicked his horse’s abdomen as he sped towards the man who seemed to be the enemy commander.


The enemy commander was frightened and began to escape.


“Like I’ll let you go!!” (Roswald)



Roswald then hurled the spear he had been carrying.


The spear arced in the air and struck the enemy commander’s back.


“Roswald has defeated the enemy commander!!” (Almis)


When I shouted so, my allies cheered in response


At the same time, the enemy fell to the ground in defeat.


It’s a victory for the the time being. As I had said.

Though in truth I had thought about using guerilla warfare in the forest, when the enemy sieged they had concentrated on the gate, but we won so it’s good!! Did it become easier at the moment of the explosion, I wonder?

As soon as I thought so…


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Authors Note:

The next time will be Bartolo Vs King Ferme’s subordinate. 

In other words, Almis won’t appear.


※ Because a contradiction had occurred in the work, I played with some of the settings of the soul detachment grass.

Specifically, it is the afterword of the previous chapter and the preparation stages.

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