Sword Shisho chapter 61

Second chapter! Enjoy~

TL: Maaka

ED: none

61 – Getting New Equipment

「Equipment, ready?」

「Ou! It’s perfect!」

Four days after the farewell party we were at old man Gallus’s workshop.

We have been in this town for one month now. Today is the promised day.

『Has it gone well?』

「Gahahaha! It’s the best! It’s been the most enjoyable time of my life!」

『Isn’t that exagerating it?』

We gave him C and D ranked monster materials. It’s certainly not weak but a blacksmith of Gallus’s level would definitely have worked with more advanced materials.

『Haven’t you created stronger equipment before?』

「Nono, I didn’t mean it is my best work ever」


「How to say it, it’s like I put my soul into it. That’s important! Well, I always but my soul into it. However, there are moments when I can do a particularly satisfying job」

Nope, I can’t really understand what you mean…

「This was one of those times. My skill, creativity, soul, and more. There are times when they come together amazingly well」

『Well, what can we expect then?』

「Ou! This is armor blessed by God!」


Gallus went to the back of the store and brought back a huge bag. He then put the contents on the counter with a confident expression.

「Take a look, this is the young lady’s new armor!」

Name: Black Cat’s Armor

Defense : 100

Endurance : 600/600

Effect: Pleasant Sleep, Deodorant, Purification, Mental Stability Boost

Name: Black Cat’s Gloves

Defense : 70

Endurance : 600/600

Effect: Impact Resistance Boost, Arm Strength Boost

Name: Black Cat’s Light Shoes

Defense : 65

Endurance : 600/600

Effect: Jumping Boost, Agility ↑ Mid

Name: Black Cat’s Heavenly Earring

Defense : 15

Endurance : 300/300

Effect: Poison Resistance Boost, Noise Tolerance ↑ High, Attribute Resistance Boost

Name: Black Cat’s Mantle

Defense : 85

Endurance : 600/600

Effect: Cold Resistance, Heat Resistance, Equipment Self-Repair

Name: Black Cat’s Leather Belt

Defense : 15

Endurance : 300/300

Effect: Magic Resistance ↑ Low, Abnormal Status Resistance ↑ Low, Item Box (small)

Yes, that is horrifyingly powerful. It’s far stronger than our current equipment, which we paid 150 000 for. It’s even superior to the expensive equipment we took from Gyuran.

By the way, the equipment we took from Gyuran is like this:

Name: Leather Armor of the Fire-fighting Lion

Defense : 90

Endurance : 500/500

Effect: Fire Resistance ↑ High, Poison Resistance ↑ Low

Name: Shoulderpads of the False Dragon

Defense : 61

Endurance : 400/400

Effect: Impact Resistance Boost, Arm Strength ↑ Low

Name: Hundred Eyes Shoes

Defense : 45

Endurance : 330/330

Effect: Paralysis Resistance ↑ Low, Agility ↑ Low

Name: Shield of the Kuroishi Tree

Defense : 68

Endurance : 900/900

Effect: Fainting Resistance Increase, Impact Resistance ↑ Low

Name: Protective Bracelet

Defense : 15

Endurance : 300/300

Effect: Magic Power Consumption Reduction, Physical Barrier

Name: Anti-poison Bracelet

Defense : 5

Endurance : 100/100

Effect: Poison Resistance ↑ Mid

The equipment made by old man Gallus has both excellent defensive power as well as effects. Moreover, it’s also lighter than our current equipment? But, what does he mean with them being blessed by God?

「This is my masterpiece, the Black Cat series!」

「Good name」

『But, it sounds too cute for an old man』


「Leave me alone! Well, it wasn’t I who named it as such」

「then, who named it?」

「It was God」



『What do you mean?』

「What, you didn’t know? This is a “Named Item”」

It seems Named Items are special items given a name by a God. For example, if the God of Blacksmithing recognizes something made by a blacksmith then a name will be given to it by the God.

It seems legendary equipment found in labyrinths often are Named Items.

Divine protection will be granted only to the best created items, increasing their performance further.

「It is the highest honor a blacksmith can receive to have an item created by them be recognized by God. I thank you for giving me that opportunity. My acquaintance who helped with the production also cried from joy. Thank you!」

『No no, we’re the ones who should thank you for such amazing equipment』

「Gahahahaha! With the divine protection that equipment can compete with equipment created from Rank B monsters!」

『That’s amazing!』

「Moreover, the protection is amazing!」

『Eh? You mean it’s not the resistances that’s the protection?』

「Well, you’ll get it somehow when you equip it」

「Got it」

We borrow a room in the back where Fran can put on the Black Cat series. The equipment has a sense of unity with white fringing on a black background, which kind of resembles Fran.

The equipment has both a boyish atmosphere and cuteness living together. Clothes with a hole for the tail. A pleasing outerwear with a collared big shirt in bisuche style. The jeweled clasp at the chest also adds femininity. It shows off her navel but I’ll forgive it since it’s cute.

Open-fingered gloves and boot-like shoes which covers her calves. The leather belt has a cowboy-like shape and can conceal a dagger. It even has a small Item Box which can hold about five potions. The platinum-colored earring doesn’t have much of a presence but it looks cute when Fran wears it.

The mantle reminds me more of a raincoat rather than a mantle. Still, it’s light and supple, and it doesn’t disturb movement.

「Mostly non-metallic materials have been used. It was a real struggle to make leather this strong. The composite materials used to make the equipment was created through immersing the Tyrant Saber’s skin, the Doppel Snake’s scales and the Blast Tortoise’s shell in the Slime Lord which had been mixed with various reagents」

『Just hearing that is amazing』

「It was a series of failures before I was satisfied. Because it’s made with a special material it’s far stronger than common metal armor. Above all, it’s light」

Lightness is important. Fran uses speed and agility as her main attributes, so this is perfect equipment for her. When I checked again, I noticed something.

『Black Cat’s Protection?』

「You noticed? It’s the effect of God’s blessing. Black Cat’s Protection is given while wearing the whole Black Cat Set. The effect is all status +10. In addition, it negates instant death effects. In exchange, it can only be used by the Black cat Tribe」

To get such protection from equipment, isn’t that fantastic? All status +10 alone is a amazing. While it might not be quite as hard as heavy plate armor, considering its lightness it is definitely far better than that. It has a huge amount of effects and is as hard as metal fitted armor.

「Very cool」

『Moreover, it’s cute. Overpowered!』

「Right? It’s the strongest equipment right. Gahaha!」

『Is it really all right for us to get this for free?』

「Yeah, that was the promise. Since I got all the extra material I still made a profit you know. Also, just being able to create that has been amazing, so I wouldn’t accept money even if you wanted. However――」


「There is one thing I must tell you. This is equipment of the highest quality. However, due to that, it requires a rather powerful demonic magic stone to repair damage to it. Which would be quite expensive…」

『About how much would it cost?』

「About 100 000 the first time, then it’ll probably double each time」

『Geh! That’s pretty bad』

「Yes. However, the mantle has Equipment Self-Repair. That actually affects everything equiped so if you are not in a hurry you can just wait a few days for it to be restored」

That’s a relief. Then, maybe we won’t have to get it repaired ever. Phew, I rushed to conclusions.

『Then, next would be equipment for Urushi』

「Is that your dog?」

『Aa, it seems that we have gotten a familiar. Is there any armor that can be equiped by a wolf?』

There are other problems as well. Urushi changes in size often. We can’t afford it breaking everything he does. If it fits when he’s small, it’ll probably strangle him when he grows big.

When I told Gallus about it he said it won’t be a problem.

「There are many armors with automatic size adjustment functions. If you just get one with that it will be fine」



「Ou! Leave it to me. I can make it in two days」

『In that case we’ll rely on you』


『Then, how much would it be?』

「Let’s see… If I get 50 000 I could make something quite good」

「Good, please do」

After that, Urushi ended up licking and hitting old man Gallus with his wagging tail as he tried to take measurements, and other such things happened.

Since old man Gallus is quite tough it was fine, but a normal blacksmith would have had his life endangered. Or rather, isn’t this old man amazing? To take no damage from all that…

I guess I’ll have to seriously train Urushi to behave or we’ll have a serious incident some day.

「Where are you guys going next?」


「Hou. I’ve already done what I wanted to do in this town. Maybe I should head to Ulmut next?」

『Oh? Well, should we head there together then?』

If it’s old man Gallus he’s most welcome to join us.

「By the way, what route will you be taking?」

『From here we’ll head south to Darth and take a ship to Barbola. From there we’ll head to Ulmut on land. It’s more expensive than only heading by land, but it’s also faster. More importantly, I want Fran to get to experience a journey by boat』

「Go together?」

「…I’m sorry, young lady. I don’t think I can go with you」



「…Dwarves are mountain folk」


「In other words, we’re not good with deep water. I can’t swim!」

I see, because he’s a dwarf. Certainly, when I look at Gallus he’s built like a boulder. He definitely doesn’t seem like he’d float.

「I see. Too bad」


「I’m Sorry」

『Well then, I hope to meet you again in Ulmot』


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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

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  4. The armors negate instant death effects? I wonder if that means an opponent with a Vorpal Sword comes by, then the vorpal effect fails to work. Besides weapons that have one-shotter killing skills, there are magical attacks like Overlord’s tier 8 Grasp Heart that would fail to work on Fran. But that Mantle with gear repairing ability is overpowered since other people can put it on to repair their gears in 2 days or less. The only thing limited to the Black Cat Tribe (as written) are the combined bonus effects of wearing the gears together. Well, the way anime seems to be scripted, the gear-repair function would be put into Black Cat Panties (anime-only). Thus, anyone that wants the gear-repair function must wear the panties (anime-only).


    • The Vorpal Sword effect is not an instant death effect, it is an instant beheading effect. Being beheaded is normally instantly fatal but if the target can survive without a head then the effect will not kill them. I’m not sure on what the effect does if the target doesn’t have a head to begin with, probably nothing or extra dmg.

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