ONFC chapter 28

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MTL: Pengu

ED: Puru

Chapter 28: Sorcery Battle



Robert Ferme, that is the full name of King Ferme.

His father said this before dying.



“Well, Robert, If you’re a man you must aim for the top.” (Robert’s father)



Robert followed those words.

He increased his influence within the clan and his favorability with other clans.


The Chief Ragou Ars was a man whose only worth was being gentle while the misgovernment continued.

He gradually obtained the trust of the people under him.


And one day famine occurred.


The famine was large enough to make people abandon many of their children. Ragou was unable to find any solution to that.




It’s not that the amount of harvest would increase nor would the bread gush forth from something.


Unfortunately, however, dissatisfaction with the unreliable large clan continued to rise.



“Ragou extorted wealth from the people and is living a luxurious life!! Do you forgive this as it is?” (Robert)



Robert shouted loudly.


Many of the clans and the people supported him.


The rebel army which lead by Robert in no time surrounded Ragou’s residence and took it by storm.


He succeeded in taking Ragou’s neck.

But there was one problem.


He couldn’t grasp the whereabouts of Ragou’s wife, his two sons and the daughter.


Robert lead the search with his elite.


He found them as they were trying to escape in the forest, and killed the wife and the two sons.

And raised the sword to kill the last child.


He thought.


(Isn’t it too young?)



Robert looked at the little girl-Tetra in front of him.


It did not resemble Ragou at all. He remember it being a very clever child.


The Ars and Ferme families were relatives, and Robert had taken care of the girl.


Naturally, he had no option to keep it alive.


There was nothing to gain from allowing it to live.


He couldn’t make the child his wife, as it would hold a grudge.


There was the possibility that he could raise it while he confined it.


It was out of the question to let it go.

But he did not kill it.


He overlooked it.


The child would be killed by the wolves or it might die by consuming poisonous plants.


He kill the husband, murdered the wife and innocent children, but overlooks the youngest daughter.


His behavior seemed mysterious.


Was it him being indebted, or was it with the intention of expiation?


Anyway, he committed the biggest mistake of his life.


“A bad harvest…….” (Ferme)



Ferme sigh while looking at the field.


Even though the harvest was a month away, he understood that something was discernibly bad with the wheat.


Last year’s famine was somehow managed with the tribute from the forest village and the loot from plundering the country of King Rosaith’s……


I seems to have to do the same thing for this year. 


A soldier came in while Ferme was sighing.


He hold a small tube in his hand.


The soldier handed the cylinder to Ferme.



“Is there something wrong?” (Adjutant)



An adjutant asked Ferme.

Ferme broadly grinned and answered.




“It is the carrier pigeon from the rat lurking inside King Rosaith’s country. It says that the King Rosaith had collapsed.”(Ferme)


After hearing that, the adjutant grinned.



“Well, he won’t die. Attack like usual. Nonetheless, it does not take leadership into account. We will attack the Kingdom of KIng Rosaith.” (Ferme)


“However, our war preparations are insufficient.”(Adjutant)


The adjutant said.


He grinned.


“What are you saying, don’t we have the place that can guarantee the rations for the troops? We can secure meal worth of 3 days. We can plunder it later.”(Ferme)



Ferme stares at the forest.


“Until now I have been avoiding a massive march to the forest to avoid the wrath of the Griffon, but now I understand more from the last time. It is clear that he won’t intervene as long as we don’t violate the forest. He did not complain over people living in the forest or passing through his forest.”(Ferme)


“Is there a possibility of the Griffon loving them?”(Adjutant)


“No. If that was the case, the Griffon would have come out when I demanded 80% of the food.” (Ferme)



Ferme declared it confidently.

With 80% food being extorted, it wouldn’t be funny if the people died from starving, yet the Griffon did not intervene.


In other words, the Griffon was neutral.


“We will pass through the forest and do a surprise attack on King Rosaith’s palace.”(Ferme)



The adjutant widens his eyes.


I can certainly say so if I go through the forest.


After all the palace of King Rosaith is at a short distance by passing through the forest.


But no one has ever passed through it.


As they were all afraid to anger the Griffon.


At any rate, many people thought that the cause of bad harvest was due to the anger of the Griffon.

Therefore, they abandon the children in the forest as sacrifice.


Even though it actually is the curse of the people themselves.


“But prepare to withdraw if……”



I must always think about the time to withdraw when leading an armed force.


In case of a defeat, we will definitely be destroyed. I must avoid fighting with our back against the wall.


Naturally, that place would be the forest……


“If that’s the case, that place will be the base. The village which became my territory last year.” (Ferme)


“But that village has not completely yield to us.” (Adjutant)


“If that’s the case, just destroy it. We can secure food so it’s killing two birds with one stone.”(Ferme)


It is too early to decide.


Ferme calls the sorcerers together.



“Go for reconnaissance.”(Ferme)


“”Understood”” (Sorcerers)


————–Sorcerer leader’s POV——————


The three sorcerers used the hawks for reconnaissance.


The soul loading is very difficult.

First, you have to take the soul out of your body while you are conscious.  

An average sorcerer die if the soul is unable to come back.


Furthermore, it is necessary for the user’s mind to communicate with the creature carrying the soul.


A bond is born by raising it and taking care of it everyday from its infancy.

I came to be able to see the world with the eyes of the hawk and the nose of the dog through rigorous training.

The hawk’s eyesight is approximately 8 times better than a human’s.


It is the best species to use for reconnaissance.



(The defense is more solid than the last time I come here…..)



The leader thought so while overlooking the village from above.


A deep cavity was dug, and an abatis, a huge wooden fence, was set up in the interior and exterior.


The wooden tower construction seems to be the most troublesome.


It seems to be a facility to shoot arrows, drop stones and pour hot oil.


(The facilities seem to be excessive against wolves.)

In other words it is a defence facility to counter an army onslaught.


The target……it would be a no brainer.


The three sorcerer strain their eyes and observe the village’s state.


I beat the village topography into my head.
(There won’t be any problems anymore)



I should be especially cautious…… that there are no mercenaries etc.


The population of the village doesn’t seem to have changed.


(We should return)



They chirped once to convey its thought in change direction.  

Right when they were about to turn to leave.





The screams rose from behind.


As soon as we turned back there was a hawk, larger than ours which was glaring at us.


In the large hawk’s talons was a hawk with whom we set out to do reconnaissance together until a while ago.


The talons dug deep into the throat, it can be understood from a glance that it is dead from the fact that it isn’t fluttering.

The leader orders the hawk as it cries, to fly away at full speed.


It cannot win based on the difference in physique.



(Shit! Why does it come at such a time……..)


The leader cursed his misfortune


It is extremely rare that I encounter the animal’s natural enemy when I’m reconnoitring with an animal.


It’s because you concentrate too much on reconnaissance, and the vigilance towards the  surrounding tends to diminish.



(You have to escape quickly. If the animal dies while carrying your soul you die there!)



As I thought about this, my other companion flying in front of my eyes has disappeared.


When I looked down, another big hawk fought with my companion.

That companion was desperately trying to escape from the talons.


But resistance was futile, his companion was flung against a tree and killed.



(Two of them!)


The leader desperately flies while being confused.

As it is, my and my companion’s life is in danger.





A chill run through the leader body and he twist his body in the right in a hurry.


As talons of a big hawk pass through there.



(There’s three of them!)


Hawks don’t form flocks.


I can think two of them have to be coincidental, but the story is different if it is three of them.





The enemy fly as if to enclose the leader and gradually shrink the distance between them.



(Why! There shouldn’t be three high class sorcerers in such a small village! What does this mean…… could they be the sorcerers of the King of Rosaith?)



I must report it in either case.

The leader lower his altitude.


The enemies are bigger then his partner.


The shouldn’t be easy to maneuver.

There’s a possibility of escape if I go in the forest.  



(Just a little more!)


A shock hit the whole body as soon as it entered the forest.





Something like a rod stuck through my partner’s chest.


When the leader understood that it is an arrow, he lost conscious.  


———Almis’s POV———–


“YEAH! I killed it!!”



Gram picks up the hawk which he shot down.


His skill was as wonderful as ever.



“Gununu…..I intended to defeat it.” (Tetra)



Tetra whose soul had returned to her body stood up and grimaced in vexation.



“Though I ate the bitter grass with much effort.” (Tetra)



Tetra said so while taking out Soul detachment grass out of her mouth.  


“Fufun. How was it? I made the first success surprise attack!” (Lulu)


“As expected of Lulu. You are the strongest!” (Gram)


Gram shows appreciation for Lulu who returned.


The sacred barrier which I set in the village was useful.


There are various kind for protection against evil, but it informs about animals with soul in it. I set it up beforehand.

When you think that it wasn’t caught in the sacred barrier, there are three hawk in the sky…… 

To be frank, I don’t want our village defense facilities to be seen.


Therefore I had the three go in front.


I have some worry that they can’t return because of flying little away from the village.


“Was it alright to kill it? Although we will be fighting each other with this.”(Tetra)



Tetra said anxiously.


“It’s alright. There actually are cases where the sorcerer is attacked in duty by a natural enemy and dies. King Ferme wouldn’t think that the village with a population of around hundred people could have 3 sorcerers. Beside, I believe those fellows intended to attack us when they sent the scouts.” (Almis)


I can say that negotiations have already been broken by half.



“Let’s take a rest when the meal is over. It’s not necessary to do anything.”(Almis)



By putting up scared barrier, it’s possible handle attacks from several sorcerers.


But only these three people can do soul ride.


I would be troubled if they collapsed.



“Then it is my duty to prepare the weapon next.” (Tetra)


“I’m sorry but I have something to do.” (Almis)



I must check the pitfall and weapons such as black powder.



“…… I will make it up to you when it’s all over.” (Tetra)


Tetra said so while puffing her cheek in dissatisfaction.


But before that……



“Yal, could you go to King Roasith’s country and call for reinforcement? there wouldn’t be any vigor if it’s only us.” (Almis)


“Understood” (Yal)



Yal said so and head to King Rosaith’s country.


However, the report which returned immediately from Yal wasn’t very good.



“King Rosaith seemed to have collapsed because of a seizure…..” (Yal)


“What! Then the reinforcements?”(Almis)


“That’s…… while King Rosaith collapsed, King Ferme moved 400 troops immediately.  In addition, neighboring countries and powerful clan seem to be making suspicious movement….they said the reinforcement can be sent three days later…..” (Yal)



Three days….


By that time it would all be over, would it not?


Well, it’s alright.


It’s still within the assumption for the time being.


“Leader! The black powder inspection has completed. There is no problem” (Ron)


“Niisan! The horse condition is all good. We can go anytime.” (Roswald)


“The arrow and food storage are safe!”(Gram)


Reports fly out from Ron, Roswald and Gram’ mouths.


There is no problem for the time being.


“Ok, the pitfall and scared barrier don’t have any problem either. The preparation is complete.” (?)


Should we go through the strategy later?


“Prepare the wheat for the time being because it’s possible to make peace later.” (pengu:psshhh!)(Puru:seriously….)


“Is there such a possibility?”


“There is 40% that the opponent will make a move.”


There is 60% that they aren’t hungry ( standard of 2 fields system)


It is plenty of compromise this way.


It’s impossible beyond this.


“Almis-san!” (Yal)



I heard a voice from the gate.


It’s Yal.


“King Ferme is gathering soldiers. I don’t know the number……”(Yal)


“Will he fight as expected? What about Volos?” (Almis)


“He will raise the revolt while observing the situation.”(Yal)



Volos’s group is approximately 60 people.


They will be defeated in no time if they fight up front.


You must look at the situation properly before you rise a revolt.
——————-Ferme’s POV———————-


“My King. The sorcerers haven’t returned.” (Adjutant)


“What is it? Were they attacked by some natural enemy?”(Ferme)


Sometimes hawks get attacked during reconnaissance by natural enemies.

They inevitably become negligent of surrounding because the sorcerer’s soul takes the lead.


It rarely happened, but I won’t said that it never happened at all.


Also the terrain is forest after all. The possibility of being attack is high.





Did the youth call Almis and King Rosaith join hand?


But this is likely low.  


If we assume that the three sorcerers were defeated by King Rosaith’s sorcerers, then there are three or more that were dispatched to that village.


But Ferme has let Sorcerers reconnaissance many times in King Rosaith’s country these days.


And he grasp the number of sorcerers that come out to intercept.  


There was never a day where three person were missing.

Moreover, even if they join an alliance, it is unnatural where three sorcerers are placed in such a remote village.


Beside, the possibility of the other thing…..



“Could there be three excellent sorcerers in that village too? It couldn’t be”(Ferme)



Impossible. Though there are only nine people even in King Ferme’s country.


They might have lost to natural enemy by chance. It’s unlucky.


In other words, it is expected that there are still the same natural enemy around that village.


Then, the same thing will repeat again.


Is it safe to give up scouting?


“There are only 6 sorcerers that able to do soul ride……two of them can successfully defend the country. Four people can go to fight King Rosaith.” (Ferme)



The sorcerers nodded that King Ferme instruction and put Soul detachment grass in their mouth one after another.



“The soldiers are ready.” (Adjutant)


“Yoshi, you lead 200 soldiers to occupy that village. Take the battle ram this time. It’s too excessive to take archers. I’ll stay behind with 400 troops. (check) The forest is hard to march into. You will attack King Rosaith’s country with 300 and destroy it.” (Ferme)


Among the generals who was ordered by King Ferme, the general who was ordered to attack King Rosaith’s country directly said timidly.



“My King……can I at least have another 100? The enemy is at least 1000……” (General A)


“No, maximum is 400.”(Ferme)



Ferme asserted.


“King Rosaith’s powerful clans have completely shrunk by the last defeat. They won’t cooperate with King Rosaith. It is up to 2 thousand that those retainer can move alone by considering the damage received in the last war. King Rosaith’s country has to be on a look out for King Ebill’s country and King Belvedere’s country since they are already incited. Well, if I put the soldiers in the border……The lowest is 500 for these two countries, you must have at least 1000 to respond.” (Ferme)



King Ferme continue while smirking.


“And it is requesting the ambitious powerful clans in King Rosaith’s country to move the soldiers.  Well, they wouldn’t move unless they actually win, I purposely let’s King Rosaith find out that there is a revolt movement. That guy has stick 500 with his personal clan on the border territory for defense to direct control over the place. And hundred are assigned to protect the palace……it’s exactly 400.”(Ferme)


The generals held their breath unintentionally.

The aim is to occupied King Rosaith’s country capital.


And the securing of food.

The odds of winning is plenty.


“Then, I will raise my toast at King Rosaith’s palace next. Kanpai!” (Ferme)



Ferme poured wine in a glass and raised it high.


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