ONFC chapter 24

New chapters for the new week everybody. First of I want to say [I’m sorry] about the miss .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·. TL of King Ferme’s name as he is the one who went to Almis’s village. As that was clear up, here is this week first chapter.

Edit: carry spirit has been changed to soul ride

TL: Fraiziar

Edit: Darknari

Proofread: Manga Hunter

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Author’s note:

There is no excuses for the lack of description in the previous story. I add this to supplement in various ways.

It was comment by someone said it’s troublesome to read once again.

Firstly, Ferme King’s country and Almis village have quite a distance so it isn’t realistic to rule. A revolt will happen immediately even if he station a few soldiers. The stationed soldiers will be killed by Almis when running away. There is a possibility for King Rosaith’s military to be stationed.

Therefore King Ferme didn’t mind putting it under control.

Therefore, he received only tribute and returned. The remark of putting it under control he said is to keep face as the king. It seems to be little hard to understand here.

When Almis said for self govern, by passing the tribute to intercept worries.

Judging from King Ferme viewpoint, he chased after the refugees and found a rich village. I told about food shortage as a pretext to plunder it and return, I don’t want to give damage so I make demand for tribute for the time being. It becomes such feeling.

Naturally King Ferme’s subordinate……..soldiers, entering as investigator is useless. Therefore King Ferme didn’t enters inside to check the actual harvest, but guessed from the village scale. He intend to come and plunder it, as the make-believe tax was collected more or less as inquire so cheating isn’t important, he think whether it is alright. He wants to avoid fight of the possibility of him dying.

There is 80% of it……..

King Ferme thought the present force was enough to conquer Amis’s village. But damage is given. When conquer the village, you must care for the non-soldiers and the refuges in the village. King Ferme thought that the enemy has maximum about 200 from the scale of the village.

Even if all members don’t have weapons, he would die from them throwing stone.  King Ferme’s soldiers was drafted, so neither skills or morale is high. There would be few damage and he has to deal with death soldiers.

Then, the idea is that it is better to avoid fight.

In other words, there is more profits if Almis gives 80% quietly than to fight and take it all.

Therefore, he enquired the number 80%

His ideology is that my descendants will have influence so as a ruler I thought that war should be avoid as much as possible.

Have you convinced?

By the way, Almis finally hand over 70%, but in reality it was 50%.

As King Ferme was deceived with two fields system, he accepted 50% with “it is roughly so” and returned.

It was possible to deceive him simple because the farming technique was different.

Incidentally, I received comment about not understanding the geography so a map is placed in afterword.

Chapter 24 War Potential

“Alright! We’ve somehow survived!” (Almis)


I was relieved.

Even so, when I mentioned the displaying of skeletons, I was surprised that King Ferme’s face turned stiff.

I guess he was surely empathizing with them.

He wouldn’t do something cruel to that extent, huh?

Well, concerning the result it was a success so it’s fine.

But his impression of me has deteriorated.

While I was taking a breather with Tetra in the house, Ron, Roswald, Gram, Soyon, and Lulu those five people entered.

“Well then, Leader. Continuing from earlier, What’s with the sudden marriage?” (Ron)

“What. Perhaps, don’t tell me you wanted to marry me?”  (Almis)

“You’re wrong!” (Ron)

Ron shook his head forcefully.

That gives me peace of mind. He was surely too fond of me so his inclination might have warped. 

“It was discussed a little while ago.” (Almis)

“As I thought, you…..in such a flow?” (Ron)

“When you say that, I am troubled.”](Tetra)

Tetra said as she looked at me.

No, I’m also troubled you know!

“Well, that’s fate, huh?” (Ron)

I didn’t know what I supposed to say.

It became like that. (Fraiziar: I have no Idea ;-;)

I don’t know when I was brainwashed by Tetra.

For some reason I feel no need to question the marriage whatsoever.

“Is it okay to decide to get married so easily like that?” (Soyon)

Soyon asked with a complaining face.

Is calling out “Please, marry me!” with a bouquet in one hand in a beautiful nightscape, your ideal Soyon?

No, I also thought proposing should have been something like that…..

I don’t understand.

Since my last girlfriend was in the third grade back in my previous life,.

I haven’t fallen in love since that time.

It’s a mystery.

Did I embrace the illusion of love too much, or was it that I just didn’t realize that this is love?

Could it be that I’m falling in love with both Tetra and Julia?

For me to fall in love with two people, I’m the lowest. (Fraiziar: No kidding, asshat.) (Manga Hunter: Very much the lowest) (Pengu: yayy! Harem comin’ up)

Though the relationship between me and Tetra was supposed to be a marriage of convenience, I became her real fiancé, huh?

Now that I think about it, I have no problems with this flow of events.

I mean, recently we had been sleeping in the same house, always sharing blankets.

Huh? Was that all part of Tetra’s plan?


“Waa… My image of ideal love…..” (Lulu)


Lulu held her head in her hands.

I get you, I get you.

I feel the same way.

“In the meantime, it’s a thing to be celebrated so…. Congratulations.” (Roswald)

When Roswald said that, everyone had looks of being caught and mumbled their congratulations.

Stop acting shy.

When I was about to say that, I realized I had actual feelings.

Ah, I see. I’m going to marry this person, huh…

Embarrassing, huh….

“Almis….. You’re blushing too late……” (Tetra)

Tetra said while also blushing.

“Umm, we’ve still yet to hear the details of what actually happened though….” (Gram)

Gram asked tactlessly.

“That concerns Tetra.” (Almis)


As I said so, Tetra stepped forward.

“There is something I have to say to everyone.” (Tetra)


Tetra began to talk about her circumstances.



Everyone seemed to have a very dull reaction.

How anticlimactic.

I was expecting more of an “EEEH?!!” or “REALLY?” reaction you know.

“I mean isn’t it a bit late to be surprised? And it was a mystery why Tetra had such a good intellect too.” (??)

“And when we first met Tetra, her hands were like those that had never done farm work before too.”(??)

“And she’s afraid of insects too.”(??)

Everyone had guessed.

Though, I did too.

“Mmm….. I thought I was hiding it pretty well. Was I the only one who thought that?(Tetra)

“Tetra, you always bathed alone! And also, whenever we accidently ran into each other you would hide your back instead of your breasts. Wasn’t it a bit too obvious?” (Lulu)

Lulu said while laughing.

“In the first place, we’ve known each other for six years now, How dull would we have to be to not realize?” (Roswald)

Roswald said with an amazed face.

“Well, this person is also a bit slow in strange places.” (Ron)

When Ron begins to laugh, everyone laughed in unison.

Tetra puffed out her cheeks.

“Don’t sulk, Tetra-chan. By they way, Almis-san. Is your marriage with Tetra a marriage of convenience? I think getting married for a reason like that just doesn’t feel right”(Lulu?)

“Well, yes that was true at the start. But no matter what the merit, I wouldn’t marry someone I didn’t like.” (Almis)

Tetra’s origin was pressing down on my back.

I knew it was necessary to resolve her feelings at some point.

“Whether it’s politics, or something else it’s fine.” (Tetra)

Tetra clung to me saying so.

Er, well… by her repeating such actions, the outer moat has been been filled up, huh? (Fraiziar: what? please TLC because I don’t get it.) (Manga Hunter: I guess it means nowhere to go?) (Darknari: I think it means that after being inundated with Tetra’s affection his defenses have been breached?)


“When are we doing the wedding?” (Tetra)

“It’s good that things have become settled for the time being with King Ferme.” (Almis)  (Darknari: fixed, and he goes on to ignore Tetra’s question)

It had become a confused mess.

Right now there are a lot of things we should prepare.


“First, we need to reinforce our war potential. We were fine this time, but it would be hard on us if they took from our stocks every year. Since we could starve if a famine occurred.”(Almis)

“Will we fight?” (Tetra)

“I don’t know. But we cannot even negotiate without a weapon.” (Almis)

Conflict does not occur unless both sides are at the same level.

When the level of power is too different there is only the dominator and the dominated.

The enemy could enslave us, and it’s also possible for them to take our provisions by massacring us.

“A famine is occurring, it’s possible they may try to solve it by taking our food from us.”(Almis)

“What exactly should we do?” (Tetra)

Tetra raised her face that had been buried in my body.

“I believe there are enough iron spears for everyone? In the meantime we should adjust their lengths. Those are our main weapons. After that is the bow. How many people in the village can handle a bow?” (Almis)

“I guess about ten decent people, with a possibility of five more.” (Gram)


Gram answered.

In other words fifteen people, huh.

That’s not a bad force. The habitual hunting has borne fruit.

“Say, Yal. Of your thirty people, how many men are above the age of twelve and below sixty? Are there any sorcerers?” (Almis)

“Err, there are ten men. As for sorcerers….. The advanced sorcery soul riding cannot be used, but there are two moderate users.” (Yal)

I see. Originally our village’s war potential was forty people, and in all we have fifty.

Only three sorcerers in our village can soul ride.

But the other sorcerers of our village are a total of ten.

So a total of twelve, huh. (Darknari: I think he means 13)

Even so, among all thirty of those people there are only two sorcerers, huh.

Out of our village of a hundred there are thirteen here. Moreover, they are mostly children.


“Rather, two out of thirty is in itself an unusually high number. Usually, a village would have only one out of a hundred people. Our village just has too many.” (Yal)

“Why is there so many?” (Almis)

“Who knows? Julia’s a talented teacher……Though that’s probably wrong. Since magic is 90% talent.” (Yal)


No, it looks like it’s just a coincidence that’s too good to be true.

“Also if I remember correctly, Ferme’s King has nine sorcerers that can soul ride under his command.” (Yal)

We have three people….

A village of 130 people has three capable sorcerers that can soul ride, and a country of a little under thirty thousand has nine.

…….As I thought, this is absolutely strange.

“Don’t mind the minor details. It’s probably by chance. Perhaps it has something to do with your relationship with Griffon-sama.” (Yal)


I see, Griffon, huh.

It could be his influence. It’s sufficient.

“Anyways, it’s a welcomed thing. The small difference between our number of sorcerers is a good thing.” (Almis)

Now let’s go towards a course of action where we don’t need to worry about the minor details.


“There are thirty-five infantry and fifteen bowmen. Not bad.” (Yal)

“No, there are only thirty infantry. The remaining five people will be cavalry.” (Almis)

Since there are saddles and stirrups, if we practice, we can ride properly.

It’s fine because everyone’s reflexes are good.

I don’t expect them to do something advanced like shooting a bow (while riding).

Just throwing a stone while moving is enough to become a threat.

If they can flank their sides and plunge into them, they may be able to break their ranks.


“We must not forget the defenses of the village.” (Almis)

“I think we should dig a palisade.” (Ron)

“I also think a watch tower is necessary. You’d be able to fire bows from it as well.”(Gram)

“Though I think stone walls are best, that’s impossible isn’t it…” (Roswald)

Ron, Gram, and Roswald said together .

Well, that’s gonna take some time so we should make it little by little.

It’s also important to do some research on the best way to construct it.

“Next is weapons.” (Almis)

Can we make those?…..

During the time I was in junior high I studied the method of their construction. Ah, the indiscretions of youth.

But that’s too dangerous.

I look at everyone.

Everyone is going to fight for their lives.

Naturally, I’d like to avoid fighting if possible…… Still, if we don’t fight back we could die. No, unless we were incredibly lucky we would definitely die.

This is not the time to be scared.

Let’s make it.

Black powder.

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Author’s afterwords:

As this map may change since it is a provisional ones. And, it may be different from the work description. Please take this in consideration.

King Ebill’s country and King Belvedere’s country is schedule in mainly three chapter, as it is important that they make an appearance. Other countries is name as the following,

Thick line is border, the thin line is the territory border. Green is forest of Roman

As Julia said, the north is King Rozel country the mastermind behind the curse. (Pengu: new character but not yet introduced)

The ruler is a person from Adernia same as Almis, the ruler is a people who dwell in the north of Adernia Peninsula called Lian.

By the way, the south culture in Adernia Peninsula is under influence of the colonized city of Karishian.

However, Ironware was invented by a northern race, because it was handed down in the past.

The next chapter is about Julia.

Incidentally, black powder chapter is Almis chapter.

I took a liking to a science exam called homework in middle school as I have to look up method of producing black powder as dynamite. What kind of feeling when the teach mark it you though? Oh, by the way, the science’s result was five. (pengu: it’s like A+ I think)

I wonder what kind of middle schooler like bomb?


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    Burying outer moat is straight forward siege, meaning you attack your romance target with straightforward tactic like skinship, flirting etc.. You can see that it is being applied in this case.

    Burying inner moat, or burying moat from inside, meaning you attempt to win the siege by indirect attack, in this case, generally should mean get friendly with the relatives of your target, and get close by that route. Like, you get invited to their celebration of their mother’s birthday due to your good relation with their mother. (or brother sister, or close friend…) And then increase the time with each other.

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    Cough What’s more interesting is how the other nations will respond to the gunpowder… will they think it’s just a cheap trick that could be countered with appropriate measure? Will they think the village is now a threat that needs to be immediately destroyed? Or a community that’s better as an ally rather than a foe? Or a powerful country who you need to side with no matter the cost?


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