ONFC chapter 23

The last chapter of this week. Shout out for MingDelta for the assist ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ. As some people guessed that Almis will go to *** in this chapter will be disappointed. As always. see you next Monday.

TL: Pengu

TLC: Darknari

Proof-reader: Manga Hunter.


Protagonist’s group
CH Name Gender Role description Age
Ch21 アルムス Almis male Captain Lost person 17
Ch21 ロン Ron male N/A Oldest 18
Ch21 ロズワード Roswald male N/A HIgh handed (interested in Lia) 17
Ch21 テトラ Tetora female Vice Captain Smart, timid(Best Girl) 16
Ch21 グラム Gram male N/A Big muscular, good with bow 16
Ch21 ソヨン Soyon female N/A Ron’s childhood (future wife) 18
Ch21 ユリア Julia female Almis’s magic teacher (temp) Lavender hair 18
Ch21 ルル Lulu female N/A Petite and small chest 14
Ch21 リア Lia female Almis’s slave Mounted tribe unknown


Chapter 23: King Ferme


Soon, the stock………


“Leader! How was it?” 

“It’s confirmed, it is almost white. But……..” 


I inform everyone that King Ferme’s armed forces are coming.


“That isn’t good. Let’s return them.”

“In this case, contact with King Ferme’s country is troublesome. To begin with, it is too late.”


A really troublesome thing was brought in.

Well, what to do about it?


“Are you delivering those fellows to King Ferme or are you prepared to antagonize King Ferme by sheltering them?”


If King Ferme is not there, I may permit 30 people to stay.

From the beginning it will become a heavy burden, as the population won’t increase if they didn’t cross over.

Besides, it is a natural thing to help so I decided to help.

Naturally, children have top priority, but if I’m able I will help even adults.

However, I don’t want to be falsely accused by King Ferme.

The top priority is everyone here now.  


“Errr……..Is King Ferme really hostile?”


Soyon raised her hand and asked.


“Who knows? But when you see the details of the ruling methods of kings…”

“Even if you don’t say so……….those people are ones that ran away once. If that’s the case, I think it will be difficult to keep an a eye on them if they are brought back. ”


It might be so now that you say that.

It is a group who ran away under the cover of darkness once, so they are bad assets. They will likely escape again even if they are brought back. There is also a danger in them joining together with a foreign country.

Is there a merit in doing so and securing 30 people?

I think it’s normally [30 people produce taxes] < [Amassing the forces to observe them].  (Darknari: He is saying that the tax money from 30 people is not worth wasting the time, money, and resources it would take to keep the possible rebels in check)

If it was me, I would give up.

It would alleviate discontent if the abandoned farmland is distributed to the vassals.  


If that is the case, why come and chase after them?

That reminds me that the soldier said something disturbing.



“The people who escaped are rebels. Rebels are massacred.”  


Tetra said something dangerous.

As expected, it is that? Killing to make an example.

That one is effective.

Though the revenue is affected if it is 1000 people, but it is not a problem for 30 people.

Probably, if it’s not conveyed that they were killed it would affect the morale of the soldiers.(Fraiziar: I’d say “Probably, if the killing of the rebels isn’t confirmed and reported, the morale of (The country’s) soldiers would affected.)

Because nobody would want to kill their fellow countrymen.  


“Then, should I help? Those people are innocent.”

“That is also right. I agree with helping them.”


Roswald and Ron expressed their approval.  


“I also agree.”


Gram also approved.


“I also think it’s better to help them. It would be pitiable if they got killed.”


Soyon also agreed?

If I remember correctly, Tetra also agreed.


“They are tentatively my parents……it would be the same as killing them if I just looked on…….” (Manga Hunter: Is Lulu talking about her mother here or all the people?)


Lulu was unmotivated and yet she expressed agreement.


“The other? Fellows who oppose please raise your hand.”


Nobody raises their hand.


“Those in favor?”


All hands went up.

With this it is decided.



“For the time being, everyone………it has been decided to accept you all.”


When I said so, the refugees…….the new villagers raised a shout of joy.


“However, the decision could possibly be overturned. It depends on your actions.”


When I said so, the villagers nodded with a serious face.

They seem to understand their standing for the time being.

I don’t have anything in particular to say as long as they act obediently.  


“Also, Yal was it? Please come. There is a discussion.”


I call the representative of the new villagers.

First of all, we have to discuss about measures for King Ferme.

I gather Yal, Tetra, Ron, Roswald, Gram, Soyon, and Lulu inside the building.

These seven people are the executives of this village……..or positions like that.

Ron and Roswald have pure strong power and also a sense of responsibility.

Gram is the best at handling a bow in this village. There is a resignation in that.  

Soyon and Lulu are the few that have magic war potential.

Tetra…… it goes without saying.

If Yal does not have the new villagers integrated after this, they won’t become a part of the village.


“Now then, what is the agenda for the approaching King Ferme’s army?”


When I said so, Yal had a startled face.

That reminds me that I didn’t explain it to him. Oh well.


“For the time being. Is King Ferme trying to kill the people who had accepted those people, the premise here? What would we do if King Ferme is foolish enough to just come and get them back?”


“At that time………I will give a tribute to curry favor.”


I feel like withdrawing, if he is that foolish.

I mean since I said that I accepted you, I would feel awkward to quickly change my attitude. 

[At best, plead to me] as I recall King Rosaith’s remark.

Does it mean that the tribute taken is wheat?………


“Is it no use?”

“…….There is no choice but to leave.”


Yal looks down in silence.

After all, his right to speak is not equal in this place.

However, when King Ferme comes should I give tribute? The opponent is 200.

They will likely plunder if I don’t hand it over quietly.

In other words, I can’t do anything but give the wheat up. Shit…….I may really have to throw myself on their mercy.


“It seems this talk is already sufficient. I assume King Ferme will come to pursue the story and massacre everyone. I’ll have the new villagers take off their clothes. It is possible that they might say I killed you if I have your clothes taken. There were animal bones that we had eaten yesterday. And then there’s the foolish heroes’ bones scattered about near the griffon-sama’s bed. The credibility might increase with that. I will let you keep your face with this.”


They need not have to kill the citizens particularly.  

It only has to be a fact that they were killed.

There’s no problem if the mouths of 200 soldiers are sealed afterwards.

If there is a chatty soldier I think it might be impossible.


“With this. It is a problem if King Ferme targets our village. It could very well work this time, but…….I intend to stave it off with the tribute first.”

“Does it depend on the quantity? It will be painful if they collect a dreadful amount from us annually.”

“For now, should we endure it for one year? In that year we can gather weapons. Let’s negotiate for that weapon support.”


Nevertheless, if they demand an excessive amount………

It can’t be helped.


“The question is how much we can we take out? How much savings are there?”

“As it is, because our agrotechnology is higher than the opponent, the amount of reserves can be deceived.  Let’s take out 50% from 70% of the real harvest.”


Tetra said the calculated stored amount with mental arithmetic.

Though the amount is enough that we can eat, but it can’t guarantee the cost of the refugees’ food.

As expected, I can do nothing but appeal to King Rosaith………

It truly annoying. That bald bastard. (pengu: I think he talking about Rosaith)


“Do we supplement the insufficient amount with honey, fur and liquor?”


Paper and unglazed ware are no good.

The value of that is too high.

They might come back and ask for the method.

Though honey is valuable, it isn’t problematic since there is a method to take from the natural honeybee hive.

Almost all objectives are decided.


“Ok! Please prepare the tribute. I will conceal the wheat reserves. Just to be sure.”


Afterwards it depends on my negotiation skill.


“Ah, that’s right. First, there is something I must say.”


All eyes pay attention to me.


“I, when this negotiation is over, will get married.”



“Good grief, they were troublesome with their escape. They might as well raise a revolt. It wouldn’t be necessary to chase if they did so.”


Ferme said in a troublesome tone.  

The person in question doesn’t need to expressly go if it’s troublesome.

However, because the root is serious he especially goes out.

Good decisions and diligent character is what makes him a king.


“Should we really annihilate them?”

“Naturally. Isn’t it good? The same thing will happen again if I permit it even a little.”


Because it was only 30 this time, it wouldn’t affect many people.

However, it is a different story if it becomes 100 or 200 people.

It was better to crush the eye of the rebellion.


“Right. As for such a one time cruelty, it is important to do it thoroughly. What, the preparations for invading King Rosaith’s country are completed. I only have to fill people’s bellies with food at that time.” (Darknari: I think the ‘what’ there implies ‘what is there to be worried about’)


“Haa, is that so? No, I know well the king’s strength. Nevertheless, there is still the problem of the landlord group.”


Landlords who conspired with Ferme to overthrow the Ars House.

They were nursing dissatisfaction towards Faludam.

As their taxes are still high, no ranking in an important post, and unlike the time of King Rosaith’s reign luxuries become impossible to own.

The dissatisfaction can’t help, but dissatisfy.  


“Humph, leave those guys alone. They can’t do anything anyway. There are no heavy loses in place where the people who conspired with King Rosaith. Rather, it is a chance for me to take care of it all together. Leaving that aside, the problem is those guys who still swear loyalty to Ragou.”


There is no person who can compliment that feudal lord Ragou is a wise ruler. Misgovernment was done many times.

It was guessed that he would lose the war to Ferme, too.  

However, he is a gentle person so there were a lot of soldiers and generals who sweared fidelity to Ragou.

Superficially, they accepted King Ferme’s reign, but they will rebel if there is a chance.

Although, people’s stomachs aren’t filled with kindness.

In the end, they were killed by influential landlords, who played a central role in fanning the revolt on Ferme.


“It is painful to have overlooked that shitty brat now.”

“It’s already dead. A 10-year-old child can’t live by wandering alone in the forest. It must have become flesh and blood with the wolves by now.”


The close aide said that he worried too much.


“My king! The place of the group was caught hold of.”

“You did well. Where is it?”

“It’s a place a little south from here. But……..”


The shaman man hesitates to speak a little.


“There was a place like a village. The group’s scent is from there.”

“A village, you say?”


Ferme is lost in thought.

He has heard the rumor of the village protected by the griffon, too.

However, he thought it was a rumor after all.

It might be the perseverance of the abandoned children that united in order to live somehow.

They picked up the griffon’s feather as proof and stripped the iron swords from the corpses.

I thought so.

But it’s a different story if there really is a village.


“This is bad……we can’t expect to also win against a god.”

“I heard that the griffon doesn’t concern itself with human wars.  It might not be a problem. Besides, that fellow’s territory is deeper inside. No problem.”


Ferme said.

In reality, the griffon considers Almis to be an existence that has become independent and has stopped supporting it.

Therefore his expectation is right.


“Is that so. At worst, we will retreat as soon as the griffon comes out.”


The aide muttered so.

After a while passed the view opened up, the trees became sparse and the stumps increased.


“Is that it? It is of some scale.”


Ferme muttered while looking at the village from a distance.

Judging from the number of houses and the size of the fields, the village’s scale is roughly 100 to 150 people.

To ward off wolves the village has dig up and set up a simple fence.


“Hmm? Someone has come out.”


Approximately 40-50 people appeared from the village’s entrance.

They have bows and swords.


“Shall we exterminate them?”

“No, it isn’t necessary. Apparently, they seem to want to talk.”


One man stepped forward from within the group.

The man is mounted on a horse.

The man came forward little by little, and stood approximately 100 meters away.


“What business do have? King Ferme!”


The man shouted loudly so.

Though Ferme was surprised a little, he answered.


“You have to answer that first.”

“I am named Almis the person who governs this village.”


Ferme looks hard and observes the man who introduces himself as Almis.

His face is blurred, but it is understood that he is a youth from his physique.  


“I am chasing after our nation’s citizens who ran away to this village! Deliver them quietly!”

“We can’t afford to let you kill the people in our presence. I can’t agree.”

“This guy, you have comprehended well that I was going to slaughter those people.”


Such a frightening idea doesn’t occur in normal people.

Is he considerably hot-headed or is he accustomed to politics?


“Then, let’s talk. Come here alone!”


When Ferme called out so, the youth began to advance alone.

It’s seems he is fairly bold.

The youth stopped at a distance of 10 meters.

If I approach just a little, his face can be seen.

His hair and eyes are ashen. His body is muscular, as I can see that his body is tempered under his clothes.  

The clothes he wore were quite a fine article.  


“Nice to meet you, King Ferme. Shall I approach more?”

“No. It isn’t necessary. Since you may not feel relieved.”


Ferme answered.  


“Then, what is the reason to not agree?”

“Because our village population is few. There won’t be a problem for you to kill us anyway even if we accept, is there?”


The youth answered.

He doesn’t appear frightened of Ferme at all. 

He seems to have considerable nerves of steel.


“It won’t be so. You have my honor. Only dead bodies are necessary.”

“Then, there is no problem. There is the thief’s body who invaded the village in the past. Though, it’s only bones. Though it was left to expose, before long I got tired of looking at it, so I’ll offer it to you.”


Ferme unintentionally frowned at those words.

Though an agreeable youth is seen, but he appears like a villain.

Still, Ferme isn’t cruel enough to have the hobby of displaying skeletons.


“The numbers are insufficient.”

“Is it alright if I supplement it with animal bones? That’s right. Also, please take their clothes at the same time. The credibility might increase.”


Ferme ponders about it a little.

There is no problem as long as it is a fact that they have been killed.

Therefore, it’s good to accept the youth’s suggestion. It won’t be a problem if I silence the soldiers in the rear.

The enemy is 40 people which is 1/5 of ours. (pengu: plus Almis’s population) Though, we can certainly win, but some damage will occur if they hold out a siege.

In addition, I want to avoid fighting as I consider about dealing with the refugees and other noncombatants.

It seems stupid to reduce the soldiers in such a place.


“Well, it’s alright. Apart from that, are you able to afford to feed 30 people?”


Ferme licks his lips.


“It looks like your village is in our country’s territory. You wouldn’t mind right?”

“I don’t care. But, I want you to promise self government.”

“That’s fine. As long as tax is paid. That’s right….. give me 80% of this village’s harvest.”


Ferme doesn’t intend to govern such a village in the first place.

We only need to tear off all that we can.

There is no need for hesitation, since they are not my country’s people.

I only need to destroy them if they refuse.

By assaulting them only 80% or less is taken, as for tribute we should receive 80% or more.

The country can sustain a while longer as long as grain is obtained.

Afterwards such a village would be neglected.

It doesn’t have value beside sending soldiers there since it is near King Rosaith’s capital.

Besides, soldiers can be placed here if the man refused.

He may request for King Rosaith’s help.

The soldiers who I send will exterminate them when it happens. There isn’t a profit to obtain it. (Darknari: it actually said sen (1/100 of a yen) which is less than a cent)


“Will it be right now?”

“Naturally. You won’t say that you have eaten all of the spring crops? It is useless to deceive me. I know how much you can harvest if I look at the village’s scale.”


If he missed this, King Rosaith’s army will be called out.

It has to be now.

If I had a larger army, we might be able to storm it without great damage………in the first place, this village is a godsend.

There is no other way.


“80%, is it? That is too much. I can yield 60%, can you accept that? In exchange, I will supply honey and fur as this village’s special product.”

“Heehh, honey is it…….”


Honey is rarely eaten since it has a very high price.

It depends on the amount, but it’s not a bad deal.


“70%. And, I will come to an agreement.”

“I understand. I will prepare it immediately. Wait for a bit.”


The youth said so and went back to the village.

A short time later, a few men pull a cart with pots.


“By all means.”

“That is considerably fast. Did you already prepare it?”


The youth makes a ingratiating smile when Ferme said so.


“Well, fine. I obtained an unexpected profit. Let’s return. If it’s leaked I will come to execute that person.”


Ferme changes the direction of his horse and turns his back on the village.


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