ONFC chapter 16



ED:Manga Hunter

Protagonist’s group
CH Name Gender Role Identify Age
Ch3 アルムス Almis male Captain Lost person ~15
Ch4 ロン Ron male N/A Oldest ~16
Ch4 ロズワード Roswald male N/A High-handed ~15
Ch4 テトラ Tetora female Vice Captain Smart, quite 14
Ch4 グラム Gram male N/A Timid, petite, good with bow 14
Ch4 ソヨン Soyon female N/A Ron’s chilehood friend 16
Ch 9 ユリア Julia female Almis’s magic teacher (temp) Lavander hair 16



Chapter 16: Honey


Time flies.

Three years have passed since then.

I’m 15-years-old now.

After the wheat harvest, the village population increased to 70.

We gained as many as 40 people. It’s not only little children, but also big children……the food situation is considerably bad because there were a lot of 10-year-old children.

There are was no famine in the next three years, but apparently the parents abandon the children because of heavy taxation, and the current population is 100 people. It is not laughable.

Judging from my eyes, no country has a big population.

Though I think the children born rate every year isn’t very high……..

Isn’t this considerably terrible?

Children are thrown away in this forest, naturally, there will be children sold as slaves, too.

By the way, the breakdown of 100 people is 30 people around the ages of 12-15-years-old. 40 people are 8-11-years-old. 30 people are 8-years-old or younger.

I cut down the trees and begin to increase the field as soon as the village fields become insufficient.

The domestic animals are four cows and then goats. In addition of ten chickens.

I want to introduce pigs if there is room for it……..

I was refused further by the surrounding villages.

I got those originally because there were a few coercive negotiations.

Oops, I should not forget about the animal incidents.

Soyon picked up three hawk babies (larva) recently.

I heard that apparently she brought home the baby from the nest that the parent birds disappeared from.

The hawk seems to belong to a large species, I would be eaten because they are large size birds of prey who stalk the sky.

I told her to throw them away because a lot of meat is necessary, it is doubtful whether she’s able to raise it, but she said [They are a little different from us, because the parents can’t abandon the children who aren’t theirs.]

I finally recognized unwillingly as I told other children to help me.

Well, it is bad for the children’s education, if I throw it away.

Soyon, Tetora, and another child called Lulu have begun to show talent in black art.

Therefore, it is possible to put a soul in the hawk……….

There was that ulterior motive, too.

By the way, according to the plan, the three hawks hunt with three people.

It is all good, if the result is good.

In addition, the investigation of the whole forest is finished in these 3 years and I find some dead villages.

They’re older than our village, but while they are completely worn-out, using them is still better than having to do the ploughing from scratch.

There is a plan to move the people there if the population increases even more.

In addition, the relationship with the griffon still continues.

We have liquor and talk periodically.  

I want to have some protection in case of emergency.

Thus currently, I’m going to meet one person, it is Julia.

I’m going to the meeting with all the children to have them train magic with Julia.

However, recently, she said that we could meet 3 times a week.

I don’t understand the reason.  

I try to hear the reason from the girls when I returned.

Let’s not try to understand what you don’t understand…….


“Hey, Julia. I just came……”


Julia jumps in front of my eyes when I push the grass aside.





Julia franticly gets in the lake.

Sadly, only the back was shown.

It was a beautiful pure white back.

There is one thing to worry about.


“Naa, what is the small character on your shoulder?”

“E!? Oh, this is a sacred letter.”


The sacred letter is the same character used in the ceremony……It looks like a picture. The feeling is 70% picture and 30% letter. It has a very complex shape.

There is no practicality.  


“Is it enchantment?”

“Yes. Everybody carves it when one turns five-years-old. However, it has little to no effect. By the way, the tattoo is difference since it shines when the person carves it.”

“However, none of the children have them?”

“The reason is only some magician can carve it. You must be some influential person.”


I see.

In other words, this fellow has been carved means that this guy’s birth place is considerably in a high position?


“I wish I have one, too.”

“Ahahahahaha. If Almis comes to my country, I can make it happen.”

“It is an impossible proposition.”


However, it is so at the moment.

The village has to be fixed someday if the population of the village increases.  It would be bad if I got attached to some big country.

It would be an opportunity to be deceived for the time being.

I must make a lot of acquaintances, if I seriously consider to go to Julia’s place.


“…Or rather, how long are you going to keep staring at me?”

“Ah, I’m sorry.”


I turn my back.

Water and the sound of clothes rubbing against skin is audible for a few minutes.

Julia has considerably become a woman at the age of 15.

To be specific, her chest.

My son begins to show some reactions recently.

By the way, Tetora’s boobs is top quality. There are no small breasts. There are no mistakes there. I will be killed if I make a mistake.



“Almis. I changed my clothes. You can turn back.”


At last, she gave out the permission.  


“Hey, why are you taking a bath here?”

“No, I made a blunder because you found me today. It seems like it’s become a game of tag. Though you managed to tangent it somehow, but you are drenched in sweat. I felt that having to meet with Almis like this is, you know…”


That is considerably serious.

I mean it is more mysterious not to be found for these past three years?

My vigilance is too incompetent.


“After this, I won’t able to meet you any more, I’m sorry?”

“It’s good. Please be careful.”


When I said so, Julia floated a little lonely expression.

Did I make it too blunt?


“Look, here is bread.”

“Hooray! This sure is delicious.”


Julia receives the bread that I presented in delight.

Julia is considerably upper class, but still the food doesn’t seem to be delicious.  

There is no helping it because they have no technique.

My bread is made with eggs, goat milk, and yeast.

It must be the most delicious bread in this world.


“Here is another one.”


I hand Julia a small pot.


“What is it? This is!!”



Julia’s eyes rounded. (pengu: O.O)

In this world…..It is still early to label honey as something valuable at least in the surrounding region.

Apparently their method to collect honey is by bring the nest back from the forest.

It is the most troublesome thing.

Therefore I decided to make a bee house.  

The bees have a habit of willingly build a nest in a small place.

It isn’t necessary to go look for bees if you make a bee hive.

By the way, it is questionable whether or not bee stung, but the orphan’s director grandpa who is a courageous man got rid of a giant hornet without a hazmat suit and put deep-fried bee for a meal.

I understand the essential when I watch from afar.  

It’s doubtful whether anaphylactic shock is safe, but it is easily treatable. Because I have been stung twice before I intended to make the bee house.

I mean that this body doesn’t have any problems about bees.

As a matter of course, I don’t allow the children to do it. I don’t know whether they have resistants or not.


“Delicious!! It is amazing. By chance you have a lot?”

“There aren’t a lot. Though I only have a limited amount of it.”


It is necessary to break the bee hive to collect the honey by all means. It is necessary to collect the bees one by one again.

There seems to be a method to collect only honey without breaking the hive in modern era………

Though I don’t know it.

Because they used really advance machinery, but I can’t make it with an imitation.

If only I watched different programs related to honey more, it could be useful in this case.

Though I didn’t think I would expect it in a different world……

I would have checked on the internet if I knew beforehand…..

Although, it’s not really going to help even if I keep thinking about these stupid thoughts.

Anyway, honey will become a weapon.

Though it depends on the man in power’s mood.

This knowledge is considered life saving. 


“Nee nee, will you teach me?”

“No way. We can’t survive if we only have a few knowledge as a weapon.”


Though it is really bad, it is important to not teach to another party who has the possibility of becoming my enemy.

Well, I talk considerably to Julia.


“Then, what shall we talk about today?”

“About Rosaith King’s government……..your state politics’ systems. I consider listening to the region situation slowly.”


Well, I can imagine it to some extent.


“It’s so. It feels like a coalition government of powerful clans led by Rosaith King.  All countries are the same. Because our country is rather strong in power, so rather than alliance relations, it’s more like subordinate-superior relationship. Actually, King Ferme doesn’t belong to that thing.”

“Is King Ferme’s country independent recently?”

“It is, it is. About 4 years ago, it about the time when I met you. The masses that were dissatisfied with the the most powerful clan of the time – the Asu household because of  the famine, took control of that land.  From that, they became independent from King Rosaith. He sends tributes to both King Rosaith and King Domorgal. That’s why we haven’t made any moves.  We would be destroyed if we and King Domorgal’s country fight each other.”


Julia shrugged her shoulder.

There seems to be 3 times the difference in strength between Rosaith country and Domorgal country.

It is understandable if I think about the presence of ironware.


“King Rosaith is sick now. War is impossible. Haa………..”


Julia sighs sadly.

The magician seems to have been troubled.


“However, King Ferme seems to be dangerous recently. Even if the king changes, the farming technique doesn’t change. The dissatisfaction is being controlled with force.  Is there anything else?………My best regard.”

“No, it’s enough. I don’t want to roll up in the killing if possible.”


I already killed 5 people in the last 3 years.

When they return without death, they will come in large numbers.

It was necessary to kill them for warning.

Many people were killed by my hand…..I don’t want the children to do such a thing.

I don’t know whether it comes true.


“By the way, Almis. Won’t you meet my father?”

“I don’t want to pay tax. You understand that.”


You must pay tax if you become their follower. I hate it.

Even if it is a destiny that can’t be avoid someday, I want to put it off as much as possible.


“Are? Did you talk about my father?”

“No, I didn’t speak. However, your father is a powerful person. Then it is more likely to happen naturally.”

“A, it is so. Ahaha. It is alright. It’s safe. Is it related about tax? I think that I’m satisfied enough if I was given honey of this quantity every month even if you pay it. In addition, isn’t it considered a benefit to have in times of need, don’t you think?”

“Yes, it might be so.”


It is sever to not associate with anyone in its own right.

Now that we increased in number, the necessities will be increasing, too.

Domestic animal for example.

I want to increase it more, but big business contacts is necessary to increase it.

Besides, is it clothes, salt, and medicine?


“Then I will meet him only once.”

“YAY! Then, tomorrow. Meet me here at the lake. Because I will bring clothes for you to wear, so you don’t need to worry.”


I will meet Julia’s father this way. (pengu: feels like a marriage coming up.)


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  3. He said people use “really advance machinery”~? I face-palmed. My uncle used to raise bees. The bee hives were made out of wooden boxes, which had a pretty simple design. The hardest part was keeping the bees safe and fed. Was it just me being exposed to certain agricultural knowledge from the time I was a child? Because it feels like a very common knowledge to me.


  4. Thank u always for ur great work…

    — Many people were killed by my hand…..I don’t want the children to do such a thing. —
    U’r the hero Almis, the hero…


  5. Sigh I’ve given up on the MC, his thinking is too incompetent. You who have no noble birth or gifts will naturally be looked down upon. Messing with Nobles is a dangerous thing…when you have no power of your own.


  6. “No, I made a blunder because you found me today. It seems like it’s become a game of tag. Though you managed to tangent it somehow, but you are drenched in sweat. I felt that having to meet with Almis like this is, you know…”

    shouldn’t it be
    “No, I made a blunder because you found me today. It seems like it has become a game of tag. Though i managed to tangent it somehow, but i was drenched in sweat. I felt that having to meet with Almis like this was…, you know…” ?
    i feel like she’s saying that she’s not really allowed to come here alone so she have to do it stealthyly by avoiding guards/patrols, or eventually losing her bodyguards and stuff, therefore she get sweaty and need a bath


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