ONFC Chapter 14

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Protagonist’s group
CH Name Gender Role Identify Age
Ch3 アルムス Almis male Captain Lost person ~12
Ch4 ロン Ron male N/A Oldest 12
Ch4 ロズワード Roswald male N/A High-handed 11
Ch4 テトラ Tetra female Vice Captain Smart, quite 10
Ch4 グラム Gram male N/A Timid, petite, good with bow 10
Ch4 ソヨン Soyon female N/A Ron’s chilehood friend 12
Ch 9 ユリア Julia female Almis’s magic teacher (temp) Lavander hair 12

Chapter 14: Wheat

The main characters look skillful with their hands.

There are ten children before my eyes.

Four people are about 4-years-old, while the remaining six people are approximately 8-years-old.

In short, they are abandoned children……What with this timing?

Moreover, January, they couldn’t endure until February?

If it’s so serious that you can’t endure, shouldn’t they be thrown away in winter?


“There are 2 times to leave a child. First is wheat harvest season.  In case of a bad harvest, the village chief elects them with authority.  The second time is after New Year. If I’m not mistaken in my calculation, when you have to throw away more of them. It’s slow because it seems not being able to get over the late winter and I understand at last. This is the desire of the parents that they want to send them off after New Year celebration.”

“I see. Thank you for your explanation.”  


I assign the houses to the children after hearing their name.

If a life can be helped then I will help them.

As for the Griffon, he will support us until we finish harvesting wheat, so it is all right.

I will return him next year, if it is a good harvest.


“Hey, Almis.”

“What is it?”

“Is wheat enough? There are around 50 people to prepare for next year if it is a bad harvest.”


If I follow Tetra’s reason, the storage will run dry after 2 years.

Will growing wheat suffice for now? That’s Tetra’s question.


“It is alright. Let’s make manure to grow the wheat.  It is possible to harvest more than usual. The field was made quite wide too.  In addition, we will also be raising barley.”


In this region, 2 fields system is the mainstream.

In brief, one field rests for one year, if we harvest wheat.  

It is a bad efficiency to produce food.  

On the other hand, we are doing a crop rotation agriculture. The production efficiency is entirely different.

Tetra’s worry is imaginary fears.  


“However, isn’t it impossible for two years?”

“I don’t understand. But the people that needed set up enchantments are a large group of highly skilled magicians, people who have financial power as sacrifice can be prepared. Therefore, there might be a second year. However,….”


“Is Rosaith king country different?”


King Rosaith’s country……it is a mid-size nation in the south side of Roman’s forest.


“Can you assert that there are no larger countries and King Rosaith’s country is peaceful?”

“Because there is Julia.”


Is Julia a citizen of Rosaith King’s country? I haven’t heard of it.

Tetra looks at my face and answers.


“She is considered a celebrity.”

“Although it seemed like it was the other children’s first time meeting her?”

“………Among the people from the upper class. There is a story. She is 12-years-old in this new year. She began to work as Rosaith’s magician.”


Is Julia 12-years-old?……….


“I, would it be alright for me to change the setting making me 12-years-old instead of 11-years-old?”

“……..Do what you please.” (I don’t care anymore.)


Good. I’m 12-years-old from now on.  

I don’t know my accurate age anyway. It doesn’t matter if it is 11 or 12-years-old.

In reality, I have exceeded 20-years-old.


“Shouldn’t you think of it as an increase in labor? The harvest could rise.  It is old people that I’m more worried about. To make old people work…..”


Their efficiency is not so good.

It will be all about free meal.


“Old people don’t get abandoned so much.”

“Why is it?”

“……..There are about eight children, but none that have a mother and father.”


I agree.


“In the first place, you die when you reach roughly 50 years old. Because long lived elder people, who live is the proof of health, they are not easy to kill.”


Are they just unlucky?

When they live for a long time, they can provide answers for the people around. 

Is there more resistance than abandoning a child?


“Don’t you want to hear it?”

“What is it?”

“The reason why I knew about Julia.”


Oh, the story that [she is a famous person in the upper class” awhile ago.


“Though I’m interested, I don’t need to hear it. You can talk when you feel like it.”



Tetra looks down lonely, while feeling relieved.



“Amazing! The wheat grew so much. What kind of enchantment did you use?”

“I didn’t do such a thing in particular.”  


The tip of the wheat shines golden gleams before my eyes.

Did you say bumper crop?


“What about on your side?”

“Fufun! It is alright thanks to me. Though it isn’t a good harvest, but I don’t have to worry about anybody starving this year. Father was very pleased.”


Is that so? That’s good for him.  


“By the way, what is that?”

“It is barley.”


I hear Julia’s questionably voice.

“You don’t let your field rest?”

“It is alright. It is just a little secret.”


When I answer, Julia looks at the barley steadily.  

However, she doesn’t seem to have much interest, she moves her eyes to the wheat immediately.  


“Then, is it alright if I hold the ceremony immediately?”

“Yes. I leave it to you.”


Julia steps forward .

There is a pedestal in front of Julia’s eyes, there are wine, deer meat, grapes, and olives on top.

I exchange earthenware to obtain wine, olives, and grapes.


“Then here I go.”


Julia said so and begins to dance comfortably.

It is beautiful as expected.  

My heart rises naturally.  

I want to see it forever. However, the dance ends in a short while.


“How was it?”

“Yeah. You were beautiful.”


When I praised her obediently, Julia laughed a bit and became embarrassed.


“Then, I’m done here.”

“Yes. I’ll accompany you.”


I walk Julia to the lake.


“Another thing. If the bread is done, I will give it to Julia. It’s my gratitude.”

“Fufu. I look forward to it.”



It was natural, I can’t eat wheat as it is.

It is necessary to thresh it.

It is to separate the rice husk from the chaff of the wheat.

It is considerably hard labor, if we perform it all by hand.

Therefore, I borrow the wisdom of our pioneers.


“This, it’s such an amazing thing!!”


Soyon threshes the wheat with the threshing machine, while talking to me.

I’m glad that she praised the thing I made myself.

Although I stole the idea from someone else.

By the way, the comb is made out of wood but the original comb in thresher is made with bamboo or metal, but bamboo aren’t growing in the wild and we don’t have smithing technology.

Therefore it is very fragile, so please treat it carefully.


“Umu……the structure is simple. However, it is so much more efficient……..such a great idea.”


Tetra looks at the threshing comb and mutters bleatingly.  


“Isn’t it wonderful if this spreads out?”


Ron showed a slight excitement and said so.

Well the work efficiency will probably go up.

Originally, threshing is the work of a widow, however, there is no good point.

I must consider the widower, if I’m going to spread it……….

I guess it isn’t something I need to worry about. After all, I’m the children’s leader. If the time comes, I will dissolve this group.



Then, I have to get the husk from the chaff.

In earth, before the machine is introduced, every region threshed with a stone mill.

There are two kinds of mortar, method one is to put a round stone on a board stone.

Another method is to stack two slates and rotate it.

At least, they seem to use the former mortar in the surrounding regions.

It is possible to thresh with this method. It will cause lower back pain if you continue doing the same work for a long time while sitting down.

I don’t want to be troubled by lower back pain at this age.

Therefore, I made a disk-type stone mill.

It was extremely hard to make it.  

Can the stone be flattened to a circle, if it rubs stone with stone together?

I gave up on doing the traditional way because I don’t know how many times the devil whispered to my mind.

However, work will become easy all the time if it is complete.  I believe in it.

Is it divine protection? Is it fortunate that grinding the stone wasn’t hard because of divine protection?

Even if it’s useful at such a delicate place, it’s worthless.

By the way, I suffered a lower back pain because I continued sitting down while making it.

I look like a fool.


“However, this is amazing!!”

“Let me do it, too!!”


Roswald and Gram come over.  

………Is it good that these fellows are pleased?

That thing is worth it to suffer from lower back pain.  


“I will make it with everybody alternated cooperation next time. Did you say you made it all alone?”

“Because I wanted to surprise you.”


Tetra was amazed when I said so.
“The threshing machine was enough of a surprise.”

“Fufun, there is still another surprise tool!”

“Isn’t it a strange thing?”

“It is rude to call it strange. It is a winnower.”


I touch the winnower, which I placed in the corner.

It is the result of all my might.

It is natural because I am not a farming tool enthusiast and only saw its appearance in a history textbook.

But I know its mechanism is separate by wind force.

As long as the principle is understood, I can make it by trial and error.

It is hard to say it’s perfect, but I can improve it little by little.

After all, when I was in elementary school, I was good in art’s class enough to get a [well done].

I can naturally do this much.


“Is it good? I mixed wheat and chaff together first? I turn the handle.”


I proudly explain it to everybody, which I practiced as the winnower moved.  




I think that it still needs improvement.

In the end, everyone works hard to separate them.


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