ONFC chapter 13

Here is the 2nd chapter this week. Let’s hope we have more.

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TL: Pengu

ED: Manga Hunter

Protagonist’s group
CH Name Gender Role Identify Age
Ch3 アルムス Almis male Captain Lost person ~11
Ch4 ロン Ron male N/A Oldest 12
Ch4 ロズワード Roswald male N/A High-handed 11
Ch4 テトラ Tetora female Vice Captain Smart, quite 10
Ch4 グラム Gram male N/A Timid, petite, good with bow 10
Ch4 ソヨン Soyon female N/A Ron’s chilehood friend 12
Ch 9 ユリア Julia female Almis’s magic teacher (temp) Lavander hair 12

Chapter 13: New Year


“Hey, Almis.   You don’t have to come here in the evening of the next full moon.  I’m busy in preparation for the New Year.”

“E! That’s so? Is it New Year. Naturally, there is that.”

I had forgotten it.  

Anyway, the only thing that informs the time are only the height of the sun, temperature, and the growth of plants.

That’s right. Naturally, there is New Year.

It is New Year in the winter, which means that this is a northern hemisphere.  I feel relieved a little.  

No, wait.  It is doubtful whether there is a calendar when I think about this culture level.  

In the first place, is it solar calendar or moon calendar?

“Naa, What’s the standard that decided the calendar?”

“Well, was it the movement of the sun? I don’t know the the detail either.  It was imported from a foreign country.”

I see, I was convinced.  

It’s so. It is a mystery on how Astronomy develops in this culture level.

However, a foreign country………..

The foreign country here is not a country in this area, it could be said that the country is in the point of the far sea.  

If I’m not mistaken, a Karishian said this and that. (Pengu: Karishian=people from Karisha. I made it up since too lazy to type the whole thing)

The difference in development is great depending on the area.  

I’ll remember it.

“Naa? What do you do to celebrate the new year?”

“Let’s see……we kill a pig which is raised only for this day to dedicate to the God and eat together. After that, we set up the great purification to expel evil spirit again.  There is no need for putting it to New Year because it is possible to do it any time.  These preparations are troublesome.”


Because Julia is a magician, is it even more serious?

Is it so? A pig?

Unfortunately, there are no pigs.  There is cow but it’s an important labor………

Should I substitute with a deer?

Though, I have to search for a deer with everyone.  

“That reminds me, there is no shrine maiden in Almis’s village?”

“Yeah, what about it? It’s because it is made up of deserted children.  They might not abandon a shrine maiden.  Maybe not.”


I refrain from inquiring into the past of the children.

Therefore, I do not know what kind of skill they have.

My biggest concern is Tetora……..

She might secretly be a shrine maiden.  Somehow.  

“Then, there is no other way. Should I perform it?”

“It isn’t necessary for you to overdo it particularly?”

Somehow the other party had picked up on Julia being a noble individual.

She is able to prepare salt every month so she is considerably rich. However, I don’t know why she is in such a place.

In addition, she is also a magician.  

It is seriously New Year, soon. The New Year gets busier than for Japanese since this world is where magicians exist.

When the act isn’t especially significant, I don’t feel the necessity to do it.

“That’s no good. Even if you are good, the other children may worry.  There is faith in such a thing.


Umm, is that so?

I don’t know it very well.  

“Nevertheless, you are plain to be a shrine maiden.”  

Aren’t they normally more devout? Shrine maiden or magician.

“Surprisingly, that’s just what shamans are. Of course they have their beliefs. Barriers are useless without them offering prayers of gratitude to God.  Or rather I believe that they revere God more so than the average person, but they don’t just blindly follow a belief. Or rather, God is surprisingly unaccommodating.  Even if you believe in him, whether he’ll save you or not is completely up to his mood and how heavily he will be compensated. That’s why they inevitably become so indifferent.”

Is it feeling and value?………

It looks like a griffon.  No, is that fellow like a God?

“Why is the Griffon respected so much?”  

“You should be more respectful, he is a great person. the gentleman is one of the pillars of God, God of animal.  Oh, he did something in particular, though it isn’t a bad thing………..But it is certain that he has great strength.  He had a fight with a dragon, who has divine protection of storm and thunder, it seems that he won.  Some forests were blown off by the aftermath of the fight at that time, a mountain also disappeared and the sea was split.”

“Is he a monster?”

Isn’t it a wonderful destruction of nature? (MH: Not sure on this one)

When it is my imagination.  

God [Value nature more. The wrath of heaven is necessary for the people who destroys nature.  Great flood!!]  (Pengu:I think refering to the great float in Genesis.)

It have such feeling.  

After all, isn’t it an illusion?  

It is so. The creature doesn’t think like a person so they don’t shows interest in grass or tree. 

I don’t know whether God belongs to nature.  

“A, however, is it alright with one week later?”

“It doesn’t matter. You will be coming to this side.”

I can introduce Julia to everyone with this.   


“By the way, won’t you come to my village now? I will give you a ride.  I want you to teach black art.”

“Yes, black art huh?……..I want some compensation……”

“Then I will teach you mathematics, how is that?”

“I can also do it to some degree, you know?”

“Then, what is 1555+20000?”

“Ummm…….those numbers have many numbers……”

“The answer is 21555. You can’t do it, can you? The child called Tetora that I’m teaching can do division.”

“Gununununun…….I might be good.  The deal is approved.”

She seems to have been convinced.  

By the way, it is only Tetora that is exceptional, but the other children aren’t so.  

I was able to deceive her well.  

“Look here everybody. My name is Julia, I am always under Almis’s care”

Julia said hello in front of the children brightly.  

Today, Julia is wearing unusual clothes.  

It is pure white with purple embroidery here and there.  

It resembles a Japanese shrine maiden’s clothes somehow.  

The dye is very expensive in this world.  In other words, I understand that it is considerably high-quality clothes.  

“Can I ask one thing?”

“Alright! Hmmm………is it Ron?”

Ron stands up and asked Julia.  

“What is your relationship with the leader?”

“We are lovers!!”

Julia inter-locked my arm.  

Hey, don’t say such stupid thing!!

“Are you serious!!”


“I’m so envious……….with such a beautiful person!”

“No way……….can I beat such a beautiful person…..”

“Ku, so mortifying…..”

The children begin to get noisy.

“….Hey, Almis…….Is the story true?”

Uwa, scary!

Tetora voices out with such a scary face.

“It is just a joke from Julia. Oi, don’t say misleading things!”

“Hahahahaha.  I wanted make fun for a little. However, can we become such a relation?”

Julia winks at me and leaves.  

Tetora stepped on my foot while scowling at me. (Pengu: LOVE INTEREST CONFIRM!!!!!)

“It hurts……why are you so angry?”


Tetora looks the other way.  

“Then let me have your attention, shall I hold a ceremony? If possible I would like a pig……..there isn’t one?”

“Instead,  we prepared a deer. Though I drained the blood.”

“Yeah, though it is killed when alive actually……well, it doesn’t matter. Then, Almis.  Repeat the words I say from now on then cut off the head with a sword.”


I hold up an iron sword.

“Then, I will begin.  The great several Gods and spirits of heaven, earth, and sea. I give a votive offering for we were able to live for one year with many thanks. I pray that you will watch us in the future……..”

I said Julia’s following words, the deer was beheaded with the sword.  

Blood didn’t come out much because it had been drained.

“Then, the ceremony of the offering ends with this. Next is the exorcism ceremony!”

“What should we do?”

“For now, you shall wash your body. Because, you just have received impurity of the death.”

I see.

It is surely unlucky to hold a ceremony after I killed the beast.

“Then, I will ask from the girl first.”

“Almis. You mustn’t peek.”

“Am I good?”

“I won’t look. It is not erotic at all even if I look at the body of a 10 years old child.”

I’m very normal.

Are? However, it isn’t strange to be excited about a girl’s body of the same age………

“Then, I will hold the purification at once.”

“……Please do it faster. It is cold and not suitable.”

It is too cold because of entering the river in mid winter.

 By Julia’s reason, hot water was useless.

It is irrational.

“Right away.”


Julia held up my hands.

When Julia muttered bleatingly, her hands shine palely.  

My body became warm after a few minutes.  

“This is…….”

“It’s a treatment which raises the temperature. It’s just a temporary thing.”

Is there also such a thing?

However, it is quite plain that it only raises in temperature.  

Or is there another higher skill?

After I was finished, Julia gives all members the same technique.

There weren’t any color of fatigue either. Indeed.

“I will perform the dance ceremony next.”

“What is the significant of it?”

“I set a barrier against evil in the field. It will only last lightly.”

Julia says so and stands in front of the field.

“Just look at it calmly. Because it will be over immediately.”

Julia said so and took something like a folding fan and bell in hand and begins to dance.  

Ring, Ring, Ring.

The bell viberated.

Julia sings and dances according to the bell.

It is sometimes bold and delicate.

The shrine maiden clothes based on a beautiful fan and white swing.  

A bell lets out a beautiful sound from the movement, and Julia’s throat trembles.

Her voice is more beautiful than that of a bird or insect.

It makes one think of a quiet and clear surface of water in a lake.

The hair of deep red purple lavender of Julia shakes.

My eyes naturally nailed to Julia.

Does magic even have enchanting work?

No, it only that Julia is beautiful.  She is too beautiful.  

I felt that there is so much beauty.

As if time hasn’t pass for eternity.

Julia finished the dance before I noticed it.

Silence dominated a moment and thunderous applause happened.

“How is it? What is your opinion?”  

Julia edged up to me.

It was beautiful………

I thought so while looking at Julia’s face.

She a vile one. I asserted that it isn’t a lolicon complex.

Currently, I felt a sexual charm in Julia.  

“You were very beautiful. I would like to see it in another time.”(Pengu: Player on a lose!!!!!!!!!!)

When I said so, Julia’s face reddened. 

“You, saying such a straight thing…….”

We make each other blush and look down.

It was Soyon who breaks the silence.  

“Hey? Please come again the next time! I want to see you dance again!!”

“Me, too. Me, too!!”

Roswald also goes along with her.  

“Of course! I will teach you if you like. Anyway, I was asked by Almis to teach everybody magic. There is a dance that is different from this one to give at the time of the wheat harvest, if you want to see it!!”

A crowd gathered around Julia’s surrounding.

She seemed to be able to fit in somehow.  

It is good. It is good.


Tetora called Julia.

The children naturally open the road.  

“It is your win this time and I raise my hand. ……….However, I won’t give up on mathematics.”

“Fufu. It is good. I’ll catch up with you immediately and defeat you.”

They look angrily at each other.

And they begin to laugh.

Suddenly, both children’s eyes became points. (TL: like this  (ಠ⌣ಠ) )

“My best regards.”

“Same here.”

The two children shook hands with each other.  

……..I don’t understand it well, but a friendship seems to have been established.

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