ONFC chapter 10

We got a new editor for Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles series. HIS NAME IS MANGA HUNTER!!!!!! Wow~ applause~!!! Legend said that’s he lurk in the darkness of the world. In search for the most erotic manga that’s human has created……Hunter have edit chapter 9 and I have went back to updated it. I will also include characters’ info for people who tend to forget. So anyway here is the new chapter.


TL: Pengu

ED: Manga Hunter

Proof-reader: Darknari

Protagonist’s group
CH Name Gender Role Identify Age
Ch3 アルムス Almis male Captain Lost person ~11
Ch4 ロン Ron male N/A Oldest 12
Ch4 ロズワード Roswald male N/A High-handed 11
Ch4 テトラ Tetora female Vice Captain Smart, quite 10
Ch4 グラム Gram male N/A Timid, petite, good with bow 10
Ch4 ソヨン Soyon female N/A Ron’s chilehood friend 12
Ch 9 ユリア Julia female N/A unkown unknown

Chapter 10: Turnip

Presently, we are raising turnips.

From the temperature, it is roughly August. The turnips are growing up quickly and healthily.

Turnips are a plant that are easy to plant and can grow big in approximately 60 days.

In other words, it can be said that it was ideal for us.

As for this turnip, rather than for the sake of eating, it is more useful for putting it to the side to feed the goats and cow.

By the way, it can be said that the cultivation of a turnip was favorable for the time being. If I say that, it is inflexible…….

“Leader! There are also bugs here!” (While Ron is turning over a leaf)

“Uwa, seriously?” (while Roswald peeks in)

“There is no end to this.” (while Soyon mutters with a sigh) (TL:check)

“Hii!!” (while Tetora screams lightly)

“…..” (Gram silently takes a step and crushes it.)

It is that kind of feeling.

After all, the location in the forest might be bad as expected.

It is a pest heaven.

I take care of it as soon as I find it, but there is no end. I also feel sick.

Anyway, there are a lot of insects around here. In the height of summer, the thicket of mosquitos are also energetically active. It couldn’t help but be annoying.

However, I finally found a breakthrough plan!!

“Look at this.”

“What is it?”

“This flower’s name is [Dalmatian Pyrethrum]. Common name is Pyrethrum.”


This flower includes a insecticidal activity ingredient called Pyrethroid. (TL: is this true?)

It is a natural insecticide. Because the action is light, Pyrethroid is safe for mammals.

By the way, it is a material for mosquito-repellent incense.

Because the original place of Pyrethrum is the Mediterranean sea coast; can we possibly grow it? I will think of a solution while I look for it. This world sometimes has strange people (griffon), but the vegetation is almost basically the same as back on earth.

“I found the colony. I have reached a conclusion that the insect will surely disappear; if I sprinkle it on the turnip.

“Is it good with only applying that? That is good. Full approval.”


Tetora said joyfully.  She has insectophobia.

“Seriously? Then it’s all good. Let’s go pick it up at once.”

Ron also agreed.

Everyone seems to have no objection. However, it is natural.

“Then, let’s go!”

I went to the field of flowers at once.

We silently pick flowers in the flower garden.

Though the scene is very romantic, but it is used in an insecticide.

It is a little surreal.

“Tetora, this.”


I hand Tetora the Chrysanthemum, which I made in a bouquet form. With this both hands are empty. (TL:check)

“Oh! Wh-why so suddenly……”


Tetora’s face reddened for some reason. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Soyon whispers into Tetora’s ear with an astounded face. Then Tetora’s face becomes even more crimson.  



I was glared at for some reason. It is unreasonable.

“First of all, is this all right? It is a problem if I take too much and it disappears.” (TL: I think it refers to the flower.)

If possible, I want to raise it in the village, but I have no such free time. The insects will not come if we just plant it.

I return to the village and prepare an earthenware. I put water and the Chrysanthemum in it.

“I will boil this down afterward.”

I put firewood to burn and slowly spent time to boil it down.

After cooling, I should spray it on the leaf of the turnip.

“Is it really effective?”


Because I have not actually used it either, so I do not understand. Though it certainly is effective for mosquitos.

“By the way, why do the insects die with this? A curse?”

Soyon had asked. How did you come up with that idea?……………..


“Because it is poison.”

When I said so, the children make a startled face.

“It’s safe, it’s safe. It is not effective on humans. If I don’t drink it in large quantities, though I don’t understand it.”


When I said so, a relieved expression rose on the children’s faces.

…..The idea that it’s safe might be decided because I, Almis, said it is safe. Though I am glad, it is complicated. I want you to think with your head if possible.

“Then, shall we spray it at once?”

Thus, I succeeded in driving away the harmful pest.

“It has become bigger.”

“I am looking forward to eating it.”


Ron is slobbering.

I crave for such vegetables recently because I have only eaten nuts.

…… I am growing the winter feed for the time being.

Just a little, can I eat it?

“Is the fertilizer necessary soon?”


The harvest time is slowly getting near. It is necessary to put in fertilizer at this time to make it bigger.

“What is fertilizer?”

“It is something like a meal to raise the crops. Well, which should I raise…….?”

The three major nutrients necessary for plants are phosphoric acid, nitrogen, and potassium. Only artificial fertilizer provided with these three are effective, which don’t exist. Then……….

“Are you bringing the forest’s soil?”

The forest’s soil consists of decayed dead leaves. I should be able to use it as an organic fertilizer.  

“However, I should make sure that no strange insects enter.”

Something like beetles’ larvae.

“Hii! Almis!”

Tetora has been clinging to me. What on earth is it?



Don’t be scared by that. Please learn from Gram. He uses his fingers to catch it normally and crush……..Hey, don’t crush it!

“Because the earthworm makes the soil better, throw it into the earthenware with soil.”

“Is-is that so?”

Gram put the earthworm in the earthenware while expressing a surprised face.

“Why is it? These kind of things.”


Tetora’s face seems plainly unpleasant.


“Wouldn’t the earthworm move about in the soil? As a result, the soil is cultivated.”


I’ll keep silent about feces. It will definitely be disliked.


She seems to understand it. I’m glad, I’m glad.

“Let’s gather and sow it in the field soon.”


I return back to the village and scattered the soil unto the turnip’s field.

So delicious turnips can be made.

“Finally, are we harvesting it?”

The time has come at last!!

It is unexpectedly easy, because I only pull up a turnip from the ground.

In the first place, it didn’t grow so much.

Let’s raise more next time.

“Leader! Let’s eat.”

“Wait, wait. Calm down. This is the winter food for the goats and cow. There is only a little we can eat. Calculating from now………..No, please do the calculation, Tetora.”


“Yes. It’s a serious responsibility.”

I said so and clapped Tetora’s shoulder. I smile broadly at Tetora.

I can finally make use of arithmetic. The unmotivated children will understand the importance with this a little.

Today’s dinner is turnip.

It’s a turnip party.

However, there is no satisfactory seasoning.

It is only boiled turnip.

However, there is a delicious sweetness as I bite into it. At least, it is more delicious than nuts and wild grasses (it tastes like weed) from the forest.

“It’s delicious.”

“Is that so.”

I eat the boiled turnip leaf. It is crispy and delicious. It’s delicious, however……..

I want to apply soy sauce and eat it. I want salt at least.

I eat the boiled turnip. It is soft and sweet. However……..

I want to pickle it and eat it…….

Hunting, gathering, and agriculture move the body.

Sweat comes out whenever I move.

If sweat flows, your body loses salt.

Recently I hardly consume salt.

If there is an opportunity, let’s obtain salt.

I made up my mind.


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  3. このカブは食べるためというよりもヤギや牛の飼料用の側面が強い。

    -> As for this turnip, rather than for the sake of eating, it is better for putting it to the side to feed the goats and cow.


    -> Speaking of better…
    (The word used in the last sentence is the context)


    -> As expected, the forest might be a bad location.


    -> And it’s disgusting.


    -> She hates insects.


    -> Well of course.


    -> “Tetora, here”


    -> I handed the bouquet of chrysanthemum to Tetora. Now both my hands are empty.


    -> “For the time being about this much. If we picked too much it will all be gone”

    Final notes:
    Great work yet again. As before, I’ve put some of my 2cents above. Really hope you don’t find it a bother when you read this.


  4. Thank u always for ur great work…

    — Please learn from Gram. He uses his fingers to catch it normally and crush……..Hey, don’t crush it! —
    He really merciless…


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