I hope to get thing rolling faster with some new blood. Hopefully someone will sign up for this. I linked the how to MTL to RTD, because it is faster than making one. Teehee*

* Start begging

*Wink Wink ^.-

All jokes aside. I do hope to get some new staffs.

Status of Projects:


Demon Lord is the Weakest!?: Need 2nd TL

-TL: Pengu

-ED: Darknari

Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles: TL and ED welcome~

-TLs: Pengu, Fraiziar

-ED: Manga Hunter


Please provide an example of your TL by skip 5-10 chapters ahead of the wanted series and do ~50%. Write under the Jap lines, so I or Darknari can double check.

For MTL and ED wanna be here something that could help:Click here and Here

I’m currently using 2.4.1 of Translation Assistant Tool:


When you done, log in here to chat with me:


2 thoughts on “Recruitment

  1. Pokepoke

    This team alive? Sword Shisho is the series im reading on the site.

    Just giving a poke to see if a leg twitches or something.


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