DDLW chapter 11

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TL: Captain. Pengu

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Chapter 11: The Other World’s Water is Unsuitable for the Skin!?


Paimon. The 9th rank demon of the 72 pillars of Solomon. A man with an effeminate face, the demon that imparts knowledge of all things.

It was the name of the ogre that became my friend. He gave knowledge to me, and unexpectedly that female face fits him well. Since my name was received from Solomon’s demons, I also gave him a name from them. (EN: MC is named after Duke Amduscias the 67th rank demon)


“Paimon……… My name is Paimon…….”


Paimon muttered something, and occasionally smiled.

Though at first I was worried when he cried *waah waah*, but to that innocent expression, I was somehow healed considerably. Which isn’t surprising, since he was still 12 years old. Though I am 0 years old and did not have the right to say anything, but he was still a child.

At such an age without any relatives. Though it was pitiful, but he will be my companion from now on.

Let’s do a lot of fun things together.

Well, Paimon became a companion, next was……………

After all, it is the bath?

Did you say that there was no water? Actually, if it was water, it was possible to make it with the smartphone function.

I mean, I can generally make inorganic matter.

However, it was intense and unsuitable to use the water for everyday use.

First of all, because I made it as part of the labyrinth, it doesn’t disappear unless I erase it. Even at 1000°C, it doesn’t evaporate, and it doesn’t harden at absolute zero either.

Therefore, laundry doesn’t dry either and the tableware which I cleaned stayed wet. Drinking water? Drink it? This?

Furthermore, the energy consumption was not something to be sneezeed at. Water was necessary and indispensable for life. When I fully made it with the smartphone, the power that I got from god ran dry to the bottom immediately.

For that reason, I did not create water by myself…

Ok, withdraw that previous comment! I’ll make water and take a bath!

There was no helping it. I’m a civilized person.

Life without a bath was impossible. The soap, shampoo, and conditioner which I made with great pains became useless.

By the way, I became able to make the soap, shampoo and conditioner with [Product] beforehand. Surely, it was an admirable consideration of god. My knowledge, it was known to be a useless thing, because I don’t know how to make such things. Seriously, I was saved.

When I decided so, the bath preparation began immediately. That said, I must be careful to tell Paimon not to drink the water. I mean, does that guy ever take a bath? If you look at the condition of his hair, it’s certain that he hasn’t entered a bath for a while.




I stopped my finger as an idea hit me suddenly.

Incidentally, you can’t call something a bath when it’s just got water, can you?

It was a cold bath.

When thinking about it carefully, I made the bathroom, but didn’t make the boiler. Eh? How should I make a boiler? As might be expected, such a complex machine, is work not easily made with the smartphone.


[Master, don’t you have something to say to me? ]

“The box talked!?”

“Don’t think too much of it, I built this thing…….,  please help me……..”


Disregarding the surprised Paimon in the back, I implored the smartphone. When it came to this, there was neither shame nor reputation. Even if I came to another world, I had no intention to part with a civilized life. I will do something, even if it means selling my soul to the devil.


[ Who did you say was the devil? ]

“I’m sorry. I’m seriously sorry.”


*Waaah*!! My smartphone is too scary!!


 Amduscias-sama, what is that box? Is that a magic tool or something?”


 Paimon was marveling and looking at the smartphone that was in my hand.


“Nice to meet you. I’m a supporter for master. I’m Andrealphus. Pleased to make your acquaintance hereafter, Paimon.” (EN: named after Marquis Andrealphus the 65th rank demon)


Oi, when on earth was that name given to you?


“Wow! It really talks! Ah, I’m Paimon. I’m the new servant of Amduscias-sama.”

“No, you aren’t my servant. You don’t need to add -sama, since my name is also too long, so you can shorten it to Cias.”


 I’m shocked and I interrupted the conversation. Because it would be difficult to say.


 “I can’t call the demon king by his first name without a honorific title! Bu-but, the nickname is good.”


Paimon said so while being bashful.

He looked awfully happy.

Damn, it failed.

I can’t give a nickname to Paimon. Pie (Pai)? Potato (Imo)? Gate (Mon)? Nothing can pass as completely satisfactory. Especially, potato.


 [Because there is a useless man who is not trustworthy here, I will call you Paimon. I’m fine being called Andre.]


 “Yes, Andre-san!”


They seem happy.

I was somewhat healed by the Great Paimon. Just a little, I might connect with this smartphone which had too much of a bad personality.


[Master? ]

“I’m sorry.”


I prostrated myself immediately. Pride? Such a thing, it was more worthless than a used tissue before this fearful fellow. 


[Though now, Master is the dungeon master, and yet the things he doesn’t know about the dungeon are too numerous. Please sit straight. I am now, lecturing.]



I dejectedly bent my legs, and corrected my posture. Next to me was Paimon who was imitating me for some reason.


 <<Are you ready? As it is now, the dungeon is simply just a wall. Even though the dungeon walls won’t break no matter what, but something like a dungeon won’t be of use if it even doesn’t connect. In other words, it is not possible to build a structure where nobody can come here no matter what.In order to protect myself, there is no choice but to strengthen the dungeon.First of all, understand the function of [Custom]. In addition, think more before you act. >>


……………….I will reflect.


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